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An Invitation to a
Purpose-based Partnership

We invite partners interested in strengthening their communities to establish Private Branded Co-Lab Institutes with a proven process to build an organization that is self-funding, self-perpetuating and self-regulating [...]



A Cultural Transition:
Considerations for Success

Considerations for Success. Jobs. Customers. Economy. "It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today.  No sensible decision can be made any longer without [...]



eModme™ Jingle

Anytime or anywhere, on the ground or in the air, safe and easy oh so quick eModme with just a click. eModme when [...]




Are you a Modern Day Hero
with a Vision??

There have been great heroes who have walked this planet the men and women who have ignited their passion, discovered a purpose, developed their skill and packaged their insights into [...]


The Power to Transcend Your Vision

Discover the Pocket Wisdom Insights Vision. Uncover the world of possibility and opportunity within the Pocket Wisdom Insights Co-Lab Incubator [...]


Reaching the Marketplace in an Uncertain Economy
Co-Lab Wisdom Incubator First Steps

Learn How to Market your products and services in a contracting economy.  Through collaboration, participation and contribution with like-minded people, discover how you can turn your ideas, products, services and dreams into a sustainable reality [...]



Research-Based Collaboration
Excerpt of a Live Co-Lab Workshop

Topic: Have You Ever Been Blind-sided? We all have, in one way or another... haven't we? Do you want the tools to get ahead of the game? Explore this dynamic video class and a get a taste of what you can learn and discover in the Pocket Wisdom Insights Co-Lab Incubator [...]


Proven Strategic Business Principles in Co-Lab Institute
The Strategy To Transcend Your Vision

Goals define what to do. Strategy defines how to win. the team, the power and money, and the business intelligence. The Co-Lab provides the resources to make it so [...]


Design and ePackage Media, Blogs, Books and Apps

Discover the Power of eMod Buddy Apps and explore what's on the dashboard and what's under the hood  [...]



Strategic Partnerships: The Foundation for Effective Solidarity

A Company's biggest asset is its people and organizational culture that supports them. Culture is the soil from which opportunity manifests into creativity; in which freshness and prosperity evolve. Culture is the outgrowth of wisdom. It is found in the seas of diversity.  It is nurtured in the depth and breathe of [...]


Mentor-Driven Culture Development Including SOS Support

Does culture create man or does man create culture? Both are true. The choice is yours. Cultural transformation is about intelligence: intelligent insight, intelligent mentorship, intelligent support [...]


A "Self-Perpetuating" Network with Audience App-Ons
Total Communication

Experience a total communication platform, featuring eMod Apps: Marketing Apps, Solution Apps, Customer Contribution Apps [...]



Finding Your E.A.R

"We need to do more than measure the problem." We need effective ways to capture, collect and analyze data... we need intelligent solutions, today [...]



"Self-Regulating" Driven by
Mission Effectiveness Measurement

"We need to do more than measure the problem." We need effective ways to capture, collect and analyze data... we need intelligent solutions, to get the intelligent data we need today, to build better tomorrows for all [...]



Co-Labs At A Glance

Our world continues to divide and our culture continues to fragment. We are at a crossroads. Everybody is connected, but nobody is communicating. We need to properly define the full scope and magnitude of the challenges that we face today, find answers [...]


Eco Social Cultural Responsibility

"The sum of all parts, is greater than the whole." Contrary to popular belief we do not exist in isolation. The PWI Eco Social Cultural Responsibility system provides a road map for organizations and individuals to join a winning team, add to, connect, engage, expand, grow and transcend [...]


Welcome Aboard The Midnight Sun...

Welcome Co-Lab Institute Partners! You are invited to join us for a face-to-face one-day planning meeting aboard the 68ft sailing vessel, Midnight Sun. Take a private tour below. Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel. - August Hare [...]


The Soul of an eMod

Bridging Theory to Practical Application with 87 Top Professionals. Blending Methodology, Technology and Human Understanding in an integrative, multi-disciplinary approach to learning, training and education for businesses, schools, customers and communities. [...]


PWI Case Studies

Learning Re-Invented, Lasting Results. The following compilation of Case Studies showcases the diverse and meaningful impact that Awareness Communication Technology, LLC and Pocket Wisdom Insights have had on a myriad of businesses, schools, social model programs, rehabilitation institutions, families and individuals [...]


The Purpose and Vision of
Pocket Wisdom Insights
(NASA and Deming Business Lessons)

The Following Report Represents The Purpose and Vision of Pocket Wisdom Insights. Pocket Wisdom Insights is Rooted in Proven Principles of Human Understanding. The foundation principles of Edward Deming were responsible for the real rebuilding of post-war Japan [...]


Microsoft CEO Future of Technology

Get a taste of the Future of Technology, from Satya Nadella the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. Open your eyes the the possibilities and realities of the world that is evolving[...]






Technology, Methodology and Human Understanding

Explore what is behind the power of the eMod Apps!  Get under the hood of the state-of-the-art Technology, Methodology and Human Understanding [...]

Blending Human Understanding
Blending Methodology
Blending Technology


Private Branded App-Based Network

Ask yourself the questions that produce million dollar answers... discover a world of branding, networking, marketing app-opportunities and more, in this interactive and dynamic video. Allow yourself to get excited in the discovery that there is a place and a space where you can achieve your dream, goals and objects for yourself the industries, people and communities that matter to you [...]


Human Intelligence eMod eBook

Putting an Intelligence Personal Human Experience Back into the Digital Age... Uncover and discover the world as we know it today and the one to come tomorrow, and learn about what we can do to help ourselves and human-kind. [...]



The Publishing Opportunity
eMod eBook

Opportunities, REAL OPPORTUNITIES...don't come along every day.   Read this eBook and discover was, what is and what could be... and how to turn a profit and purpose by diversifying  [...]





Co-Lab Wisdom Incubator
65 eMod eBook

A virtual strategy, creativity and development hub to re-purpose your existing marketing, training and educational content. Put your solutions into motion and reach billions of people  [...]



Let Me Give You an E.A.R.

An organizations most important and invaluable asset is not their liquidity, cash flow or revenue... it is the human element - human capital. Employees are the cornerstone to sustainability. Discover how to build creativity and shorten the talent gap within existing employees [...]



Dynamic ePublishing

Discover a new paradigm of publishing to communicate, educate, train and package products, services and training's.  See how you can turn your business into a Dynamic ePublishing system [...]



What's It All About? 

Enjoy this 12 minute video featuring a
one-on-one interview with the PWI Co-Lab founder, CEO and visionary, Dr Richard Jorgensen. Explore what the PWI Co-Lab offers in terms of cultural understanding, exploration and transformation.[...]



Your Are Known By
The Company You Keep 

Do you really know who is working for you, beside you and with you day in and day out?  There is always more to learn as you uncover your culture, and discovery your company [...]



The Power of Thought 

The culture is the combined perception, attitudes, thinking, feeling and behaviors of a group of people.  Discover the impact and power of thought on one and all of the people within your culture, community, business, organization, school and family [...]




Who Defines Your Culture?

Predictable Progression Series: Part 0
The intention of this book is to examine the nature of the culture within our Business, Social Organizations and Schools. Explore issues of immaturity that plague our world. Get an overview of the Predictable Pathway and more [...]




The Invisible Seeds of Organization / Community Destruction

Predictable Progression Series: Part 1
Explore "The Invisible Seeds of Organization / Community Destruction" that affect and infect our Businesses, Organizations and Schools [...]



10 Reasons Why eMod Buddy Apps

Explore the 10 Reasons Why eMod Buddy Apps can and will change the way you do and think about business. Whether you are selling products or services, eMod Buddy Apps can help you get your message out there, capture and grow you network, grow your business into a sustainable asset, while giving you more time  [...]



What Does Microsoft "GOLD" Competency Mean?

You often hear about companies that are Microsoft Certified... but you do not often hear about companies that are Microsoft GOLD Certified.  Discover why its important to partner with GOLD and what this means in this short 3min video [...]




Fear Thinking Model
(incl. 16 Reasons)

Fear is a perpetual cycle which many people learn to live in, in order to survive and adapt to the world as we know it today.  Pocket Wisdom Insights offers models and tools to understand Fear, so we can do something about it.  Learn about Fear and then its compliment Trust (in the video below)? [...]

Fear Thinking Model (without 16 Reasons)  



Trust Thinking Model

Trust is a process that like fear, is learned... we just need to know what the pieces are in order to connect the dots. Pocket Wisdom Insights offers models and tools to understand Trust, so we can break our learned cycles of Fear and discover a new way together... in co-laboration [...]



In The Mind of The Patient,
In the Mind of The Doctor

The Patient-Doctor relationship is one of much debate and question.  There is often a lack of trust and partnership between the two parties, which obviously negatively impacts patient health, compliance, long-term well-being and doctor loyalty. How can we improve this relationship? Read this eBook to discover how [...]



Medical Device Interoperability

Medicine is becoming more and more technology based in assessment, treatment, monitoring and aftercare.  The question is where does the human element enter the equation and how do we ensure technology is implemented most effectively, accepted by the culture and supports people (rather than replacing them) [...]



PWI 5 Dimensions of Long-term Sobriety

Long-term Sobriety and maturity requires the integration of fundamental principles into 5 key aspects of our life: physical, emotional, financial, social and relationship. Discover more in the video [...]



But I Kicked The Habit

Have you Kicked the Habit, BUT things didn't get better? Ever Kicked the Habit, BUT found yourself adopting other unhealthy substitutes? You are not alone. Habits, Compulsions, Obsessions, Addictions and Dependencies plague many of our lives. Discover why so many of us Kick the Habit, BUT do we [...]

Emotional Sobriety and
Pocket Wisdom Insights Video

The Next Frontier of Recovery is that documented and expressed by Bill W in his final years. He envisioned the next evolution of Recovery to be the obtainment and attainment of Emotional Sobriety. Discovery the Next Frontier as defined by Bill W and implemented by Pocket Wisdom Insights [...]

Understanding Narcissism

Predictable Progression Series: Part 2
Narcissism is an epidemic sweeping across our world, discover how it is affecting your life and those you love. Explore this book and discover the dis-ease that is in our businesses, organizations, schools and homes... Know the problem, let this be your first step to a healthy relationship and environment for yourself and others [...]



Creating Fantasy Relationships:
Adult Grooming 101

Predictable Progression Series: Part 3
Grooming is a behavior that many may not be aware of... but behavior we need to be aware of in order to protect ourselves and those we care about. Explore this book and learn about what Grooming is so you can begin to assess and discern your environment... and find solutions to problems you and others many face [...]



The Relationship Web: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Predictable Progression Series: Part 4
Borderline Personality Disorder is more a more common personality trait that we may think. Explore this book and see how many people around you may be playing a Borderline Game with you and why, so you can take the next step to get out of it [...]


Passive Aggressive Behavior

Have you ever experienced Passive-Aggressive Behavior in yourself or others? Discover the traits and characteristics of the passive-aggressive game and the real agenda behind it [...]


Predictable Pathway

There is a predictable pathway that leads us to excess, compulsive and addictive behaviors. There is a reason that once we get on the road its hard to make a u-turn. Discover more in the video [...]


Paths of Life

The choices and paths that we walk down in life vary and change. The important thing is that we are aware of the different paths we can take [...]



"EMDR" The Opportunity to Find Resolution and Make Real Change Today, Not Tomorrow

"It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory." W. Edwards Deming.  Change is an uncomfortable topic for many of us because many of us have come to believe that it is impossible. However, believable and achievable change is real within the Co-Lab. Explore this eBook and discover one of the tools for change available in the Co-Lab [...]



EMDR: Personal Learning Technology (PLT) eMod Buddy Apps Advanced Technology Applications for All Marketplaces

Discover the Next Evolution and Advancement of Learning Technology that enhances information delivering in the same way EMDR balances the brain and supports emotional and cognitive growth and development. Explore this eBook and discover one of the tools for change available in the Co-Lab [...]



Develop Relationships That Look Like…

Discover you culture, uncover your culture, create your culture... watch the video to learn about the choices about your environment you may not have known you had [...]


PWI Collaborative Group Therapy

Discover you culture, uncover your culture, create your culture... watch the video to learn about the choices about your environment you may not have known you had [...]



Experiencing Video

Discover the power of the State-of-the-Art Technology, Methodology and Human Understanding that powers the delivering and learning platform you have the opportunity to experience and use to ePackage your message and content in a way that "people can't not learn"  [...]



Libertas: Parable of Freedom

A wise man, Albert Einstein once said: "a problem well defined is already half solved..." and "we can't solve the problem with the same thinking that created it." We cannot afford to continue repeating history, yet we need to understand how our current state of affairs evolved. Let this book be your first step to awakening and taking charge of your history instead of have it written for you [...]


Legacy Publishing

There is much wisdom in the world. Some is learned, much is lost. Let us capture the wisdom. Let us ensure the legacy of our heroes today and tomorrow, and create a world in which history is written, not repeated [...]


Every Person Has a Story to Tell...

What is your story? What story do you have in you that you have yet to unlock. Listen to this video and be inspired [...]



App-On Adventure

Get your eMod App-On Adventure started. Listen to this video, discover the power of App-Ons, the different types of App-Ons you can create and more.  Your adventure awaits [...]




PWI Journal

Explore the PWI legacy and story in this insightful video ebook. Enjoy the video and the principles unfold. Learn the foundations of the PWI principles and uncover key insights for life. [...]


Pocket Wisdom Insights Life Book

This is a wonderful book about a young girl and a wise old sailor.  The book is full of meaning and insight, communicated through simple principles of life and love (Pocket Wisdom Insight Principles) that can be enjoyed and learned from by all ages  [...]