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Results: Employment Rehabilitation Long-Term Recovery – Rod, A Participant

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November 30, 2009

Dear Richard,

Fifteen years ago, I enrolled myself in a Homeless Rehabilitation Center that addressed addiction /recovery/personal life skills and applying these life skills for dealing with relationships, jobs, etc.

The program in 30 days changed my life.

  • How I acted
  • How I felt and thought
  • My attitude about life
  • Finally, how I saw myself as “part of the world” and could relate to the world.

When I learned what was “the root”, I changed.

That change has stuck with me for 15 years. Using the Personal Awareness Program (Pocket Wisdom) Principles:

  • I have my family back in my life
  • Full Time Employment
  • Co-Founded Homeless Outreach Non-Profit Organization
  • Started TBS (Take Back the Streets) in San Diego (wholly funded by the Downtown Partnership
  • I could go on and on.

Without your program, I wouldn’t have been alive to experience any of the above, let alone do anything about it. What a blessing.

Thank you my friend,



P.S. Speaking of family, I am now back in my hometown with my children and grandbabies. I’m looking forward to bringing THE MESSAGE here and wherever I go.

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