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Series: Healthcare

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Are you a Modern Day Hero
With a Vision??

There have been great heroes who have walked this planet the men and women who have ignited their passion, discovered a purpose, developed their skill and packaged their insights into […]

The Power to Transcend Your Vision

Discover the Pocket Wisdom Insights Vision. Uncover the world of possibility and opportunity within the Pocket Wisdom Insights Co-Lab Incubator […]


PWI Case Studies

Learning Re-Invented, Lasting Results. The following compilation of Case Studies showcases the diverse and meaningful impact that Awareness Communication Technology, LLC and Pocket Wisdom Insights have had on a myriad of businesses, schools, social model programs, rehabilitation institutions, families and individuals […]

Proven Strategic Business Principles in Co-Lab Institute
The Strategy To Transcend Your Vision

Goals define what to do. Strategy defines how to win. the team, the power and money, and the business intelligence. The Co-Lab provides the resources to make it so […]


Human Intelligence eMod eBook

Putting an Intelligence Personal Human Experience Back into the Digital Age… Uncover and discover the world as we know it today and the one to come tomorrow, and learn about what we can do to help ourselves and human-kind. […]


In The Mind of The Patient,
In the Mind of The Doctor

The Patient-Doctor relationship is one of much debate and question.  There is often a lack of trust and partnership between the two parties, which obviously negatively impacts patient health, compliance, long-term well being and doctor loyalty. How can we improve this relationship? Read this eBook to discover how […]

Medical Device Interoperability

Medicine is becoming more and more technology based in assessment, treatment, monitoring and aftercare.  The question is where does the human element enter the equation and how do we ensure technology is implemented most effectively, accepted by the culture and supports people (rather than replacing them) […]


The Invisible Seeds of Organization / Community Destruction

Predictable Progression Series: Part 1
Explore “The Invisible Seeds of Organization / Community Destruction” that affect and infect our Businesses, Organizations and Schools […]

10 Reasons Why eMod Buddy Apps

Explore the 10 Reasons Why eMod Buddy Apps can and will change the way you do and think about business. Whether you are selling products or services, eMod Buddy Apps can help you get your message out their, capture and grow you network, grow your business into a sustainable asset, while giving you more time  […]


But I Kicked The Habit

Have you Kicked the Habit, BUT things didn’t get better? Ever Kicked the Habit, BUT found yourself adopting other unhealthy substitutes? You are not alone. Habits, Compulsions, Obsessions, Addictions and Dependencies plague many of our lives. Discover why so many of us Kick the Habit, BUT do we […]

Emotional Sobriety and
Pocket Wisdom Insights Video

The Next Frontier of Recovery is that documented and expressed by Bill W in his final years. He envisioned the next evolution of Recovery to be the obtainment and attainment of Emotional Sobriety. Discovery the Next Frontier as defined by Bill W and implemented by Pocket Wisdom Insights […]

Understanding Narcissism

Predictable Progression Series: Part 2
Narcissism is an epidemic sweeping across our world, discover how it is affecting your life and those you love. Explore this book and discover the dis-ease that is in our businesses, organizations, schools and homes… Know the problem, let this be your first step to a healthy relationship and environment for yourself and others […]



Creating Fantasy Relationships:
Adult Grooming 101

Predictable Progression Series: Part 3
Grooming is a behavior that many may not be aware of… but behavior we need to be aware of in order to protect ourselves and those we care about. Explore this book and learn about what Grooming is so you can begin to assess and discern your environment… and find solutions to problems you and others many face […]



The Relationship Web: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

Predictable Progression Series: Part 4
Borderline Personality Disorder is more a more common personality trait that we may think. Explore this book and see how many people around you may be playing a Borderline Game with you and why, so you can take the next step to get out of it […]


Passive Aggressive Behavior

Have you ever experienced Passive-Aggressive Behavior in yourself or others? Discover the traits and characteristics of the passive-aggressive game and the real agenda behind it […]


Develop Relationships
That Look Like…

Discover you culture, uncover your culture, create your culture… watch the video to learn about the choices about your environment you may not have known you had […]


Predictable Pathway

There is a predictable pathway that leads us to excess, compulsive and addictive behaviors. There is a reason that once we get on the road its hard to make a u-turn. Discover more in the video […]


Paths of Life

The choices and paths that we walk down in life vary and change. The important thing is that we are aware of the different paths we can take[…]



“EMDR” The Opportunity to Find Resolution and Make Real Change Today, Not Tomorrow

It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” W. Edwards Deming.  Change is an uncomfortable topic for many of us because many of us have come to believe that it is impossible. However, believable and achievable change is real within the Co-Lab. Explore this eBook and discover one of the tools for change available in the Co-Lab… […]



EMDR: Personal Learning Technology (PLT) eMod Buddy Apps Advanced Technology Applications for All Marketplaces

Discover the Next Evolution and Advancement of Learning Technology that enhances information delivering in the same way EMDR balances the brain and supports emotional and cognitive growth and development. Explore this eBook and discover one of the tools for change available in the Co-Lab… […]


Fear Thinking Model
(incl. 16 Reasons)

Fear is a perpetual cycle which many people learn to live in, in order to survive and adapt to the world as we know it today.  Pocket Wisdom Insights offers models and tools to understand Fear, so we can do something about it.  Learn about Fear and then its compliment Trust (in the video below)? […]

Fear Thinking Model (without 16 Reasons)  


Trust Thinking Model

Trust is a process that like fear, is learned… we just need to know what the pieces are in order to connect the dots. Pocket Wisdom Insights offers models and tools to understand Trust, so we can break our learned cycles of Fear and discover a new way together… in co-laboration… […]


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