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PWI Collaborative Recovery- 5 Dimensions of Long-term Recovery

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Welcome to the Pocket Wisdom Insights Recovery Co-Lab Institute featuring PWI Recovery – 5 Dimensions of Recovery.

Long-term recovery is something that many people seek, yet few people find.

What if we could turn the tide?

PWI Recovery – 5 Dimensions of Recovery actually goes from physical sobriety into financial sobriety and out of that we build – emotional sobriety, relationship sobriety and a place to fit into the world called social sobriety. We do this through a series of common elements all rooted in the 4 Absolutes, which are then expressed in:

  • How to grow up,
  • How to build relationships,
  • How to deal with your emotions,
  • How to let go of the things,
  • How to be a better employee and
  • When you are those things you are going to fit into society and belong and not be competitive with.

Many addiction recovery models focus on one dimension of recovery, none (until now) focus on all 5 Dimensions to ensure true recovery and long-term success.

It is important to note that the PWI Recovery Program is delivered and offered within the Pocket Wisdom Insights Recovery Co-Lab Insitutute.  The PWI Recovery Co-Lab Institute supports, augments, incorporates and collaborates with many recovery associations, organizations, clinics, hospitals, professionals and publications to provide multi-disciplinary resources and supported whenever needed or requested.


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