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The due diligence process is a time of mutual evaluation.


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  • Interdependent Compatibility (can we work together.  We don’t invest in battles we only invest in winning the war.)

The 30 day due diligence effort begins with AwareComm taking the first step .

We will donate to your TEAM of 10 people access to these key eMod eBooks and Videos for 30 days totaling a $10,000 gift.

The content on this package is part of the Co-Lab Institute Partner Evaluation.  Be sure to enter your Co-Lab Partner Coupon at check out.  (Don’t have a coupon inquire with your PWI Contact for more information.)

Package Includes a small selection from our Strategic Co-Lab Library:

Online Discussions Series of the Application of each of the eBooks/Videos below

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Exploration and Discernment eBooks/Videos

Uganda Pilot Co-Lab™ A Collective Vision Reaching Around The World

Enhancing Human Intelligence Through Responsible Co-Lab™ Publishing Partnerships

Enhancing Human Intelligence (HI) Through Responsible Machine Learning Application

The Power of Partnership

Partner for the Future 

Co-Lab Funding


Pocket Wisdom Insights eMod Publishing

Pocket Wisdom for Life The Book eMod eBook