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The Power of the Question

May 9, 2016 0

Opening Insights Questions are an important part of our lives and the evolution of our civilization. When we stop asking questions is when we stop evolving. This reality is fast approaching in many educational systems […]

Lasting Change and Learning

May 8, 2016 0

Opening Insights Learning is a part of change, and change is a part of life.  True learning and long-term change requires acceptance and agreement. Informational Insights What does this mean? If directions do not come […]

Change or Die?

April 19, 2016 0

Opening Insights There comes a point in all our lives when we stand face to face with the reality/necessity that we must either change or die.  You may be alarmed to know that according to research […]

Smart People Make Mistakes to Get Smarter

April 2, 2016 0

Opening Insights When I look back at my life, I realized that I never learned anything new from the things I did right. I only learned something new when I did something wrong… AND LEARNED […]

Like Me?

January 26, 2016 0

Opening Insights: Social Media Revolution The social media revolution is affecting the core of humanity, yet many of us don’t know or understand what is really going on.  If we did we would me more […]

Could Social Media Be Making People More Anti-social?

January 26, 2016 0

Opening Insights STUDY FINDS: Social Media Making People Anti-Social, Jealous Many people who use social media may go to desperate lengths to receive “likes” from followers, the study found. Informational Insights The social media boom […]

Design ePackaging eMod Video

October 10, 2015 0
eMod Buddy Apps are the next evolution in eModular content delivery for learning, marketing and effective communication to one and all! Discover the Power of eMod Buddy Apps and explore what's on the dashboard and [...]

The Soul of an eMod Flip eBook

October 9, 2015 0
Bridging Theory to Practical Application with 87 Top Professionals. Blending Methodology, Technology, Human Understanding and Data Science in an integrative, multi-disciplinary approach to learning, training and education for businesses, schools, customers and communities.  

NASA and Deming Business Lessons eMod Flip eBook

October 9, 2015 0
The Purpose and Vision of Pocket Wisdom Insights (NASA and Deming Business Lessons). The following report represents the purpose and vision of Pocket Wisdom Insights. Pocket Wisdom Insights is rooted in proven principles of Human [...]

Experiencing eMod Video

October 6, 2015 0
Discover the power of the State-of-the-Art Technology, Methodology and Human Understanding that powers the delivering and learning platform you have the opportunity to experience and use to ePackage your message and content in a way [...]

App-On Adventure eMod Video

October 6, 2015 0
Get your eMod App-On Adventure started. Listen to this video, discover the power of App-Ons, the different types of App-Ons you can create and more. Your adventure awaits...
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