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Removing Millennial Programming

February 2, 2020 0

Opening Insights: No Longer Feeding Vanity If you spend your life sparing people’s feelings and feeding their vanity,you get so you can’t distinguish what should be respected in them.F. SCOTT FITZGERALD Today's people, in the [...]

SOS Millennial Interaction Guide

December 9, 2018 0

The Millennial Interaction Guide provides the knowledge necessary to Recognize Severe Challenges within the millennial generation and to discover what can be done about them. [...]

A Corporate Response to The Millennial Challenge

October 23, 2018 0

Opening Insights: A Cultural Challenge Instant gratification. That is what drives the personal computer / smartphone generation. Technology conditioned them to need to instantly (without cost or effort) find the answers to all their questions. [...]

Co-Lab Millennial Discovery

April 17, 2018 0

Opening Insights: Employee Problems Believe it or not there are employees out there who struggle with personal issues and bring them into the workplace. We all know what these issues bring to the workplace... lost [...]

The Millennial Struggle

December 15, 2017 0

Opening Insights: The Millennial Struggle My mentor, who I’ll refer to as my Co-Lab Grandpa (A Grandpa’s Blog), recently asked me to do a brief write-up regarding what it’s like to be a Millennial. What […]

The Missing Key: Millennial Identity

February 16, 2017 0

Opening Insights One of the most prevalent missing elements within our millennial culture is self-identity. We see the lack of self-identity in the growing need for young people to “find themselves.”  We see this in the […]

Millennial Myth Uncovered

September 5, 2016 0

Opening Insights Published on Jun 3, 2015 Most of us have grown up in a world where we are not allowed to fail. In the real world we are not given an award for participating […]