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All of This Didn’t Just Happen by Chance

Now, for a bit more of the story…

The vision of a Co-Lab Institute started about 30 years ago.

When after a death experience, in which he received a “return to sender,” the founding visionary of the Co-Lab Institutes concept and platform began a mission.

The Co-Lab Institute concept was originally founded as a Research Project to blend Technology, Methodology and Human Understanding:

  • Science of Learning
  • Psychology of the Mind
  • Philosophy of Principles
  • Sociology of Human Interaction
  • Plain Old Fashion Street Smarts
  • Social Cultural Responsibility (Corporate and Community)

This Research Project was initated and dedicated to identifying the core reason why people can’t change their behaviors, attitudes and thinking.

Once the core problem was defined, and a logical answer was established, a deliverable solution was developed using computer-assisted communication and learning modules.

  • Supports the natural flow of communication, and
  • Supports the natural process of learning, acceptance and application

The architecture of this solution was designed to seamlessly work with normal brain activities:

  • Amygdala – Assesses the environment (danger and fear or safety and trust)
  • Frontal Lobe – Determines personality and social behavior
  • Right Brain – Engages visual and emotional assessment
  • Left Brain – Engages logical and analytical assessment
  • Hypothalamus – Develops creative solutions

Developed in parallel with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), neuroplasticity, 9 multiple intelligences, and transformational learning, this structured delivery sequence and solution enables people to develop trust, so they can more effectively see, believe, understand, accept, apply and value what has been communicated to them. 30+ years of the process in action… the results still stand.

The long-term success experienced across multiple demographics and populations proved that the unique integration of Technology, Methodology and Human Understanding made its mark.

Practical, deliverable, transferable and scalable solutions with the ability to create true resilience-based change, awarded the founding scientist a PhD (hc) in humane letters in recognition and honor of his contribution to humanity.

The essence of the contribution entails the integration of:

  • Identification and actualization of original thoughts and concepts
  • Development of a unique learning technology that reinstates natural brain processing
  • Creation of models and corresponding content and processes reflecting natural cause and effect

Vision without action is merely a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world

-Joel Barker

Today the legacy of this research project continues with Private-Branded Co-Lab Institutes.

Co-Lab Institutes create intelligent solutions and information assurance through a true collaboration process.  This process honors and empowers meaningful expression of diverse perspectives and drives prosperity and stability.

Co-Lab Institutes provide a powerful, proven facilitation and communication process that enables businesses, organizations, schools and communities to transform from cultures of fear to cultures of trust.  These trust-based cultures become self-funding, self-perpetuating and self-regulating.

Co-Lab Institutes support Legacy-Driven Mentoring:

  • Captures wisdom
    • Packages wisdom
      • Distributes wisdom
        • Redefines culture

…to balance innovation with practical insight to evolve our heritage.

Co-Lab Institutes facilitate collaboration and education to draw upon collective wisdom and prepare and engage the community to define the real problem, define the answer to the problem and develop a solution that can be implemented into the flow of work and life.

“For those that cannot reach out to us, we need to reach out to them.”

-Richard Jorgensen

50+ years of business experience and know-how within the Fortune 500 environment makes the founder not only a scientist, but a veteran in the business world with personal ties and mentor-ship under greats like, Ned Heizer (Heizer Corp) and Earl Armstrong (Stanford Research Institute).  His business acumen, years of insight and visionary foresight allows Co-Lab Institutes to tackle business and community problems from an economic perspective that ensures social cultural responsibility of all.

As part of the business model, the founder dedicates free Co-Lab Institute software to non-profit organizations, for every commercial Co-Lab Institute sold… putting into practice social cultural responsibility at the corporate level.

Private Branded Co-Lab Institutes provide solutions for today and tomorrow…
“Making the dream big enough for everybody.” 

-Richard Jorgensen




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