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Explore Opening Perspectives:

-•- Hold Your Horses America – Adversity to Division – Click to Read

-•- If Either Side Wins, We ALL Lose – Click to Read

-•- The Parties Clash – Click to Read

-•- A Carefully Executed Coup (Newt Gingrich) – Click to Read

-•- The American Dream (Ron Paul) – Click to Read

-•- When Freedom is Lost (Articles What is to Come) – Click to Read

----- Letters -----

-•- Letter Series
Co-Lab™ Research Institute – Awach (Uganda) Parish – Click to Read

-•- Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™) for Microsoft Teams – Click to Read

-•- Taking Your Profession Back – Click to Read

-•- Making a Change - 33 Years of Research and Development (Letter to Community Leaders and Introduces the Pilot Program) – Click to Read

-•- Christian Communities Face Challenges (Letter to Church Leaders)– Click to Read

-•- Our Dilemma (Letter to Community Leaders) – Click to Read

----- Opening Perspective eMod eBooks -----

-•- Understanding How We Repeat History eMod eBook – Click to Read

-•- A World Turned Upside Down: The Coronavirus FEAR Residue – Click to Read

-•- Transcending Culture Back to God eMod eBook – Click to Read

-•- The Collapse of The Healthcare System eMod eBook – Click to Read

----- Pilot eMod eBooks -----

-•- Trust-based Commerce eMod eBook – Click to Read

-•- Hope Has Arrived eMod eBook – Click to Read

-•- A Seasoned Priest: A Dream Awakened eMod eBook – Click to Read

-•- Finding the Tools for Today’s Challenges eMod eBook (A Priest's Perspective of Today's Church Challenges) – Click to Read

----- Key eMod eBooks and Articles -----

-•- Healthcare Survival Plan – Click to Read

-•- The Narcissist and Money – Click to Read

-•- History, Heritage and Research – Click to Read



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