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Harnessing the Power of Microsoft

January 16, 2020 0

A Commitment to Humanity: This eBook acts as a guide to provide a clear understanding of the integrity behind the Power of Microsoft. See how AwareComm® has multiplied its strength by distributing its ecosystem’s solutions [...]

Unite and Strengthen Your Industry

January 15, 2020 0

Uniting and strengthening your industry with Private Branded Co-Lab™ Research Institutes is just as simple as selecting your next business partner.

Adaptive Resistance (AdR) and the Shadow Culture

January 14, 2020 0

New Ideas Require Change, and Change Creates Resistance AwareComm® Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab™) Resources The purpose of each Co-Lab™ Research Institute is to execute the goal of sustainable change and to develop/re-purpose content in a way [...]

App-ortunities App Navigation Guide

January 3, 2020 0
The App-ortunities App The App-ortunities App – It’s Far More than Content – It’s Content with a Purpose The purpose of the App-ortunities app is to provide a top-down picture of considerations for developing an [...]

Business and…
Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs

December 26, 2019 0

The purpose of this eMod™ eBook is to provide a foundation understanding of how AwareComm® raises Adaptive Intelligence (AdI) to neutralize Social Cultural Manipulation by empowering Human Intelligence and cultivating a Readiness for Change. In [...]

Today and Tomorrow

December 24, 2019 0
Technology Marches on... These and Other Robots Lead to .... Results is Lost Relationships

Human Understanding Courseware Descriptions

November 17, 2019 0
Human Intelligence (HI) algorithms address the common challenges that most humans face. Human Understanding (HU) with Dynamic Relational Model™ integration provides proven courseware to identify and overcome ADD, dyslexia, alcoholism, addiction, emotional immaturity and more.

Online Spaces for People

November 12, 2019 0

Opening Insights: Digital Spaces Humanity moves forward when we find new waysto rely on and understand and trust each other.ELI PARISER Most of the places we go online to meet and share the human condition [...]

Problem, Answer, (Obstacles), Solution

November 10, 2019 0
The process of Problem, Answer, Solution is a proven method by which to address challenges of all shapes and sizes. First, collect all the information – a problem clearly defined is half-solved. Next, find the [...]

Community Partners and the E.A.R.

November 5, 2019 0

Community strength is elevated when social culturally responsible organizations elect to make an investment in their people, who then carry that investment forward to their communities. The Employee Assistance Resource (E.A.R.) desktop app is a [...]

The Due Diligence Process

September 17, 2019 0

The Due Diligence Process is a Time of Mutual Evaluation GOALS: Compare Resources (How can we help each other?) Interdependent Compatibility (Can we work together? We don’t invest in battles, we only invest in winning […]

AwareComm® Partners

September 15, 2019 0

I am looking for partners who want to do something about the problems in our world, not just talk about them. See the Modern Day Heroes video below to learn how I select my partners. […]

Making the DREAM Big Enough for Everybody

September 12, 2019 0

To explore how the AwareComm® resources can augment your business model, join us in a Due Diligence Business Meeting. The eBooks presented on this page will prepare you for your Due Diligence Meeting discussion. However, […]

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