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Self-Assembling Nanotech in Your Blood…

July 23, 2021 0

...Available Today in a Safe and Convenient Vaccine Package Opening Insights: Tech In Your Blood Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.ARTHUR C. CLARKE Many around the world are rushing to get injected with [...]

Racially Discriminating Healthcare

March 30, 2021 0

Opening Insights: Justice is Blind I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skinbut by the [...]

Destroying Countries from Within

February 11, 2021 0

Opening Insights: ITNJ Provides a Platform We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.DONALD TRUMP The following videos were published by The International Tribunal for Natural Justice, “a law court and jurisdiction [...]

Spotting a Sociopath

January 15, 2021 0

Opening Insights: They're Real If not reason, then the devil.FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY The following article was published by Healthline, and online health journal “dedicated to making health and wellness information accessible, understandable, and actionable...” It was [...]

COVID-19 Cure?

January 10, 2021 0

Opening Insights: Avoiding Treatment America will not be destroyed from the outside.If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.ABRAHAM LINCOLN The following video was posted on on December [...]

Our Dilemma

August 19, 2020 0

To: Community Leaders Subject:  I Think Therefore I Am Descartes said, “Cogito ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am) which was a profound thought, but before we can do as Descartes suggests, we need to [...]

Christian Communities Face Challenges

August 16, 2020 0

To: Church Leaders Subject:  Churches Today are Taking Charge of Mother Earth with: A foundation pillar of our nation, The Constitution, is being dismantled piece by piece under the guise of safety in response to [...]

The Collapse of The Healthcare System

May 26, 2020 0

A solution for the collapse of the healthcare system is available as a doctor owned platform, now integrated into Microsoft Teams and currently installed and in operation in 80% of the Fortune 500 global corporations. [...]

Be Careful What You Say

March 30, 2020 0

Opening Insights: Protected Opinion? We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.DONALD TRUMP The United States faces an event of historical proportions with the outbreak of the coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 [...]

Pulling the Plug on Americans

March 27, 2020 0

Opening Insights: Do Not Resuscitate We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.DONALD TRUMP The United States faces an event of historical proportions with the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease. As U.S. [...]

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

February 6, 2020 0

Opening Insights: Time for a Change As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world…as in being able to remake ourselves.MAHATMA GANDHI Many addiction sufferers choose to enroll [...]

No Place for Good Doctors

February 5, 2020 0

Opening Insights: Moral Injury The health system is not set up to help patients. It’s set up to make money.DR. NICK SAYER Those who practice medicine today are facing a systemic challenge of corporate values [...]

Un-human Physician

November 27, 2019 0

Opening Insights: Being Human The upheavals [of artificial intelligence] can escalate quickly and become scarier and even cataclysmic. Imagine how a medical robot, originally programmed to rid cancer, could conclude that the best way to [...]

Reversing Aging in Brains

August 14, 2019 0

Opening Insights: Fountain of Youth? I am a brain, Watson. The rest of me is a mere appendix.SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE – SHERLOCK HOLMES Maladies of the mind can be either physical or behavioral. Throughout […]

Ritalin May Change Structure Of Children’s Brains

August 14, 2019 0

Opening Insights: Changing Young Minds Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull.GEORGE ORWELL, 1984 “ADHD!” cried the teacher, “This child is unmanageable!” Recent studies have found popular drugs, such as […]

If Japan Can, Why Can’t We?

April 1, 2019 0

Courtesy of Clare Mason, the Journalist responsible for developing American awareness of W. Edwards Deming and this NBC documentary.

The NEW Replacement for Prescription Drugs…

June 30, 2018 0

Opening Insights: The New Solution While many people are concerned about the use of marijuana, medical or otherwise as a gateway drug, [1] there are many others who want to promote the use of marijuana saying that: "the [...]

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