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What Our Customer's Clients Say About the Pocket Wisdom Insights (Co-Lab and Courses):
Big Business, Small Business, Non-Profits and Public Agencies
Research, Youth / Seniors and Community, Drugs / Alcohol and Social Services


Big Business



The Boeing Company
Pocket Wisdom for Organizations: Creating an Organization Culture Responsive To Change was used for a large department that was being disbanded. The object was to bring the employees together as a team to develop a better understanding of teamwork so as to be better prepared to locate and join another employment community as a more effective team player. “People who could not tolerate each other are now friends...efforts are made, both in and away from work, to support current and former staff...the remaining team supports each other as well as supports the leader...duties and responsibilities are shared...truly we have become more cohesive and effective.”

The Rest of the Story:
Management Perspective:
- 1 1/2 Years Later
-2 1/2 Years Later
Employee's Perspective:
-1 1/2 Years Later




Phil Conrad, President
Endevco used the program to save a valuable senior executive that would have been difficult to replace. “[We] were committed to taking corrective action...had your services not been available to us, this twenty year plus employee would have been discharged and his valuable "know how" would have walked out the door with him.”
The Rest of the Story: Full Letter




Toni Johnson, President SEA

Solar Employees Association “No other presentation has ever elicited the incredible positive response that this workshop generated...designed to look at the destructive attitudes and behaviors that occur in the workplace and at home...this unique process is sure to help our employees learn the cause and effect of feelings to emotions; emotions to perspectives; perspectives to attitudes; attitudes to behavior; and behavior to consequences.”
The Rest of the Story: Full Letter



Small Business



Byron Rose - General Manager of Rose Toyota First Toyota Dealer in the USA
“Our company has attained a new level of productivity...all of our management has experienced the [Pocket Wisdom] Series and the results are outstanding...employees are more excited about their jobs...when we work together and treat each other with respect, we all win.” Byron Rose - General Manager of Rose Toyota - (FIVE YEARS LATER)
- Initial Letter
- 5 Years Later




Allan G. Riker, President of CSA

“Prior to your [Pocket Series] workshop, CSA was failing...the company was drifting with low morale and work ethics.... Pocket Wisdom for Organizations: "Creating an Organization Culture Responsive To Change" produced profound results in the attitude and commitment of the CSA staff... our company vision helped employees work out methods to achieve the mission...the entire staff is caught up in a new wave of enthusiasm...we have a team again and we all feel part of it”
- Letter



Non-Profit and Public

US Chamber of Commerce
Using Technology to reach the world..."...the process was very painless and easy to follow"... no starting over.





Ocean View High School
Roy Batelli – Director of the Business Academy at Ocean View High School in Huntington Beach, CA click for 3 min Video
"I want to thank you very much for giving my students perhaps the most powerful set of lessons they may have experienced in their educational lives...real life-changing perspectives for our students to build their persona upon.... your technology has scored a touchdown in the field of education.”
The Rest of the Story: Full Letter






Life Skills U
Pat - MD People in my life, both at work and in my extended family, tell me I've been teaching these principles for years... I am now the Executive Director of a non-profit... I am very impressed by your curriculum and the methodologies you have developed regarding learning.

I have experienced firsth and that your methods directly create awareness of the underlying perceptions and attitudes which create patterned, ingrained thinking and behaviors. It was a truly amazing experience...





Beto Escamilla Ph.D - Data Analyst LHFHC
“This clearly shows with a 95% (or greater assurance) that the 4.21 change in total mean difference is not due to chance. One can assume the alternate hypothesis is in effect which state that the change in total mean difference is due to the A.C.T. (program) intervention with the population under study, all things equal” (Now Pocket Wisdom Insights Series). Details of this study are available on request...




Jan Berlin, PhD - Clinical Psychology
“Shortly after my exposure to your introductory program, an adolescent with whom I had been working hypnotically reported that she had participated in a full weekend experience with you. The juxtaposition of a life threatening illness and her parents’ impending divorce had sparked many psychological concerns. She reported that your observations were incisive and compelling."

"She appreciated your capacity to be both confrontative and supportive. Of particular interest to me was the apparent impact of your Personal Awareness Program [Pocket Wisdom Insights Series] on this client’s unconscious process. On subsequent hypnotic work, images and concepts embedded in the Program reemerged as integrated perspectives that catalyzed this young woman’s progress toward effective coping and the constructive working through of heretofore unresolved emotional conflicts.” The Rest of the Story: Full Letter


A Psychologist Opinion
“I am writing this letter in order to summarize my findings and conclusions from the consultative work I have completed [through The Pocket Wisdom Insights Series]. During the six months while I have performed these services, I have had the opportunity to clinically validate Personal Learning Technology and eMod Products [Pocket Wisdom Insights Series], in both the organizational and clinical formats. I have also had the experience of using the products, personally... [Pocket Wisdom Insights Series] provided a level of education and therapeutic awareness...penetrates the psychological defences and overcomes denial in a unique and novel way.” The Rest of the Story: Full Letter


Steve Hoffman DC
“My family and I have personally experienced the power of your program and its effectiveness in giving people the tools to resolve personal issues. As you know, I had problems with seizures. He was having an average of one seizure every 2 months when we began your program last May. While we had undertaken a multidisciplinary approach with him in the past, it was your work that must be credited with having the most profound affect on his recovery. It is an understatement to say we were astounded and pleased when Ian went 7 months before having another episode."

"Interestingly, the seizure he experienced in December was a wake-up call for us as we had slacked off on his program. It was a call to arms that got us back on the right track. However, I did not fully appreciate how significant a role Parallel Learning (Pocket Wisdom Insights Series) played in Ian's recovery until this past week.”
The Rest of the Story: Full Letter




Youth, Seniors and Community

Jim Schmedding (San Diego Charger)
Jim Schmedding A former professional football player for the Chargers, Coach, Businessman, and Chairman of the American Youth Sports Foundation shares his thoughts:“I have discovered something that could save your child's life...athletics teams, individual high level athletes and plain old everyday every case you have shown them how to maximize their abilities and gifts by overcoming their individual life innovative and effective tool for building individual and team relationships, as well at home.” The Rest of the Story: Full Letter



American Youth Sports Foundation shares the story of a Volleyball Team.
“Based on the past six month’s experiences, interviews and observations, there has clearly been a positive long-term effect from the exposure of the girl’s of this club team to the Personal Awareness program. The program had not only an immediate impact on the behavior of the girls, but also affected their performance weeks and even months later. I submit that these will, in fact, be lifelong changes that have occurred in these young women.” The Rest of the Story: - Full Letter explore the eMod eBook





Mary Scott King
When I help our youth I create our tomorrow. A senior executive in Corporate America volunteers to initiate the first “Outreach To Youth" in our public schools. It was interesting to note that 100% of the starting students finished this student volunteer program.


Small Town Community Program

Dick Knowles - Newspaper Publisher
Everybody is talking about the changes they are seeing in long time newspaper publisher Dick Knowles. As a result the newspaper sponsored a community program at the local college. "...I have learned to allow great things to happen instead of trying to control the word around me," says Knowles. The Rest of the Story: Newspaper Article



Blanca - Senior in Life
I Discovered " Me" Today - A touching story from a senior woman who discovered and experienced HERSELF for the first time. The Rest of the Story: Full Letter



Church Members

Geno V - Graphic Artist
"There was more to me than I had previously noted... there is more to me than meets the mind...a shift in gears has taken place, and not only has there been a change in drive and speed, but I have entered another roadway.... new perspective, change of environment, another angle of adventure into discovery.”



Jim B - Church Secretary

After years of struggling with his father... “From the time I did your [Pocket Wisdom Insights] program till we put my Dad to rest, our relationship had taken a turn for the better 10 fold! For this I will be forever grateful to you and your [Pocket Wisdom Insights] program."



Professional and Social Services

Employment Rehabilitation
and Addiction Recovery





"I have been hiring from your labor pool for almost two years, and have always been impressed with the quality of employees I’ve received. I’m amazed at the level of motivation and confidence displayed in their work ethic and attitude...

In addition to seeing an impressive 22 percent increase in sales generated by the thirteen part time workers I contracted from you...Very impressive for people who were just months ago unemployed and homeless." The Rest of the Story: Full Letter


M. Christopher Megison: Alpha Project
"Our Economic well being has significantly improved. Our monthly cash inflow has increased by 165%. This as resulted is us becoming independent of federal funding dollars. We are well on our way to a COMPLETELY SELF FUNDED OPERATION...Awareness Communication Technology has empowered us into a course of financial independence and given our staff a unique set of tools for their own personal and professional growth and development." The Rest of the Story: Full Letter


Rod - Participant of the Employment Rehab.
"When I learned what “the root” was, I changed. That change has stuck with me for 15 years. Without your program (Pocket Wisdom Insights), I wouldn't have been alive to experience any of the above, let alone do anything about it. What a blessing." The Rest of the Story: 15 Years Later Letter



Arvell Cortez - Chief County Employment Services
Politics and Conflict Eliminated. “The resolution was faster than anticipated...long standing conflicts not only surfaced but were resolved during the course of the [Pocket Wisdom Insights] workshop, which was more than I had hoped for...a powerful tool for uncovering organizational conflicts and bringing about rapid resolution.”
The Rest of the Story: Full Letter


San Diego Rescue Mission - Rachel Grosvenor Home For Women and Children
"One of the primary goals of the Rachel Grosvenor Home's programs is to restore self esteem shattered by years of abuse and neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic on the streets has worn on our clients until they feel shackled by their individual situations...[Pocket Wisdom Insights] touched the lives of hundreds of homeless women in our community... they were shown there was hope, that they really can become solid, productive members of society...thank you for your generosity." The Rest of the Story: Full Letter


A Mother Finds Long Term Recovery For A Son's Drug and Alcohol Problem.
Four years later... “The concepts gained from your [Pocket Wisdom Insights] program are working in his life today...he now has direction in his life.” The Rest of the Story: Full Letter



Golden eagle in back country.
Robert F - A Recovering Alcoholic Struggling With Recovery
A highly intelligent man who needed to understand his disease before he would recover. “Your [Pocket Wisdom Insights] program provided the foundation for reformatting of the hard drive programming in my brain so I could discover where the original hurt in my life came from...I am not a miserable dry drunk as I surely would have been without your [Pocket Wisdom Insights] program.”