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Teams 20/20 Research – The HealthCare Crisis: Healthcare Survival Plan


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COVID-19 ‘Residue’ – Deceive, Divide, Conquer

Our world is currently addressing the harmful residue created by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Many industries are struggling to survive, and at the heart of it all are the healthcare professionals. The way they practice medicine has changed and now they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has influenced the practices of many, including the healthcare system, in a way that exacerbates the COVID-19 effects. From a medical perspective, they saw the damage these WHO policies and “Best Practices” were causing but were powerless to take charge and honor their oath.

The media has fanned the flames of fear and fueled the panic thereby strengthening the WHO position and weakening the authority of front line healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals must find the resources to take charge of their profession so they can honor the oath they took at the beginning of their individual careers, but they can’t do it alone…


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