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Christians in Action: Celestial Church Of Christ, Christ Kingdom Ministry

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Opening Insights

Hello. My name is Michael Eludinni. I am a Minister from the Celestial Church Of Christ, Christ Kingdom Ministry.  I was born and raised in Nigeria.  I am a proud Christian and like all those from Africa, a proud and very grateful African.  Currently living in Atlanta, USA.

Informational Insights

The principles and vision of Celestial Church Of Christ, Christ Kingdom Ministry are very clear
…In summary, it is to the effect that we seek to be bible-based, spiritually grounded, united, based in equality, disciplined; self-sustaining, principle-based models of Christianity.  Creating ‘The Kingdom’ here on earth through our actions not our words.”  I am passionate about the Church and want to see the principles and community grow.

There are many problems within the Church (problems I welcome you to share as you see and experience them in the comments below, along with a proposed solution).

  • I see problems of communication within the Church
  • I see divides between leaders and their congregations
  • I see problems within communities of family struggles, education challenges, unemployment, domestic violence, poverty and economic issues
  • I see a growing lack of faith and practice of bible-based principles
  • I see our inability to reach the upcoming generations of our world

all of these challenges and many more that we as a community have failed to overcome, yet we seek too.

Seek ye first is probably the most important statement of priority in the bible.

  • Seek means you have to pursue. It does not, simply come to you.  
  • Ye means you have to pursue the knowledge of it. You have to take action.
  • First means it is above everything else, and more important than anything else, so the kingdom is the object of our pursuit.

Together We Seek.  Together We Stand.  Together We Grow.  Join Us.

Our Passion and Intention

The legacy I seek and dream of leaving as a human being, a Christian and a Minister is:

  • To See Spiritual Principles in Action: As a Minister, my congregation and I have simple goals: to serve others, to give back to the community, to improve the lives of others, to make the world a better place. My personal and our collective dream is to be part of a community and congregation where people (stop preaching and) actively practice, live and walk these bible-based spiritual principles.  My vision of the world:
    • Is one in which people live like disciples – with strong moral character, ethics, honesty, selflessness, intention and a grounding in reality (not fantasies, games or curtains of social media).
    • Is one in which we don’t preach the gospel, instead we practice being and living the principles it teaches (i.e. being a good person- a follower of the 10 commandments) and setting an example rather than putting on a show.
  • To Find Solutions that Strengthen and Engage Our Community – Socially, Culturally, Economically and Most Importantly Spiritually
  • To Reform the Leadership and Image of the Church

 Awaken Principles,
Demonstrate and Teach Models
We Preach

Becoming Part of the Solution

I was introduced to the opportunity to see these dream become a reality, when having had the opportunity to meet with the founders of the PWI Co-Lab Institutes in Atlanta.

After speaking with Dr. and Mrs. Jorgensen I realized that the PWI Co-Lab Institute could offer my congregation and the Church as a whole with the opportunity to collaborate, engage and connect to bring about real change within our community, Church and world.  Through the Co-Lab Institute process and philosophy, I began to see how like-minded seekers of spirituality, faith and principle could all find a home. 

Our goal and mission of the Co-Lab Institute is still evolving yet at its core we seek to stop preaching and put scripture at the bottoms of our feet.  The idea is to demonstrate and teach scripture by helping people recognize, understand, learn and apply spiritual teachings without the influence of religious “preaching.”  This process awakens spiritual principles, demonstrates and teaches models through example not rhetoric.


To make this dream happen we are writing a Flip Book called “TOGETHER: The Kingdom Here We Come”,
to document and memorialize our mission and vision- we welcome and invite all to participate and contribute.

We seek like-minded community member’s, leaders and visionaries, associations, professionals, educational institutions, media, supporters, vendors, donors and sponsors to join me and my congregation in making our dream big enough for everybody.

Keeping in mind “any problem well defined is already half solved.”  We invite you to submit your comments below, as they relate to helping us define the problems, define the answers and discover solutions to the challenges we may face in reaching our goal.  So that together we can develop a Co-Lab Institute, where together we can create long-term implementable app-based solutions to reach our communities, businesses, schools, industry and world.


Possibilities for Consideration

As you share your insights and comments in the SocracticQ located next to this text, we invite you to consider:

  • Why is our mission important to you, the Church, community and world?
  • How can you participate and contribute to our mission?
  • What problems do you see us potentially experiencing as we start to move towards our goal and put our bible-principles on the bottoms of our feet?
  • What answers to these problems can you suggest and share?

…remembering Our goal and mission of the Co-Lab Institute is to stop preaching and put scripture at the bottoms of our feet.

Add Your Insight

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Being willing is not enough; we must do.

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