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The world today is in a state of flux and fear. We see this in the employment statistics, economic decline, social decay, poor education standards, surplus in crime, rise in addiction, divorce, GMO’s, racial conflict, spiritual conflict, and political conflict. These issues, and many others, are being compounded by two growing global matters that seem to hold the puppet strings to all another challenges. These two global matters are: government and consumer debt and artificial intelligence.

Years of fiscal irresponsibility on the part of our government by excessive spending and promoting prosperity with short and long-term consumer debt, has created an unstable economy. Additionally, this environment is fanned with a “Technology Explosion” that has resulted in a “Humanity Implosion” with a focus on “smart” devices, AI, and social media – everyone’s connected but nobody’s communicating.

To address the challenges facing us today and tomorrow, we need a paradigm shift: 
the need to awaken people and then transcend people 
from smart, to intelligent, to wise 
is critical to the very survival of humanity and our planet.

Amongst the many concerned with these matters is Stansberry, a research and publishing firm of various financial information, focused on currency considerations and its direct impact on the public. Elon Musk (and other experts) say “[AI] is the largest existential threat to humanity” and is backing a 1 billion dollar nonprofit research firm to safeguard the world. Bill Gates is also concerned about super intelligence, the speed of technological change and the possibilities it opens for robots to simply dominate us. Using an influence oriented approach Gates posts concern about “the labor substitution problem” and “the issue of greater-than-human intelligence.”

In light of such realities, it is vital that industries become aware of the trickle-down effect that debt and AI have on our culture. Industries need to strengthen their respective fields financially, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, before it’s too late. How can they do this? Afterall, a popular struggle that threads through mankind is facing the facts. It’s far more comfortable to bury our heads or revert to “our happy place.” However for some, walking to the head of the line comes natural, and lighting the path for others to join is of purpose.

AwareComm® also recognizes the magnitude and the source of the above mentioned issues, and has developed a publishing platform on which to create an interactive socratic media to communicate both the awareness of the problem and the awareness of the solution.

We are not just another software, publishing, training, or consulting company. We are a blend of all. We integrate technology, proven methodology and simple down-to-earth human understanding, to create sustainable and profitable environmental cultures that reduce fear, raise human intelligence, and create a space to ignite and fan the fire of our individual and collective creativity… teaching others how to think, not what to think.

AwareComm® formed Pocket Wisdom Insights (a grassroots movement and cultural re-evolution) as a way to blend: practical wisdom found in the pockets of people, integrated technologies to package that wisdom, and a dedicated community to deliver and implement that wisdom. Hence, providing pocket wisdom insight as an ecosystem.

AwareComm® is setting up private branded, specialty Collaboration Wisdom Incubators (virtual Co-Labs) for Industries that are going to be directly impacted by these global matters and subsequent issues. These Wisdom Incubator Co-Labs are built upon core industry concepts and ideas that represent the foundation of truth. As an example, an education-based Co-Lab may be rooted in and measured by a learner-centered approach rather than a teacher-centered approach.

To that core, insight is then gained from the experience and results of the recipients. This experience is the source of pocket wisdom attained (someone’s “takeaway”). We believe that it’s the wisdom found in the pockets of people that provide insight to life. Continuing with the school example, this concept would relate to the administrative staff, teachers and students who contribute back to improve the effectiveness of the desired goal.

Wisdom Incubator Co-Labs are set up for many purposes, whether it be for advancement of management, travel, education, healthcare, finance, legal and so on. The strength of the Co-Lab rests in the ability to bring collaboration to its highest potential.

Likened to a school, these Wisdom Incubator Co-Labs provide tools and resources  for engagement, collaboration and co-lab-emodlogosbuilding, including:

  • Buddy Blogs for interest / research
  • Buddy Apps for information
  • Buddy App-Ons for user imagination
  • Buddy EAR for audience invitation
  • Buddy Socratic Automated Marketing
    for interaction and  better business insight
When you package PASSION, PURPOSE, SKILL and WISDOM 
you create POWER and PROFIT.

To endure the continued freedom of expression and financial independence, as well as the creation of trust-based cultures, empowerment and intelligence, each Co-Lab is self-funding (feeds itself), self-perpetuating (manages itself) and self-regulating (expands itself). We are committed to developing businesses that benefit all stakeholders, and not just stockholders.

Within every industry there a leader wanting to make a difference both within their industry and influencing how their industry impacts the world at large. These people are visionaries, influencers and they want to make a difference. These people see the importance of returning to the roots of their profession. These people see that their Industry has challenges to be addressed. These people know that social and business responsibility must be addressed. These people know that their industry must be unified and strengthened for stability and sustainability. AwareComm calls these people Industry Evangelists.

An Industry Evangelist takes on a leadership role and heads up the organization of the Incubator Co-Lab. Working with an AwareComm® representative, the Evangelist invites and gathers a team of like-minds known as Board Visionaries, who are leaders and professionals who agree with and support the vision and mission of the Evangelist.

Collectively, the Evangelist and Board Visionaries attract and select a recognized leader in their field called a Hero. This individual is one who has forged a path and left a path to follow… bringing the truth to today’s world.

  • The Hero adds credibility to the movement
  • The Evangelist and board visionaries bring viability to the movement
  • AwareComm® brings management of the Incubator and ensures: proper utilization of technology, organization structure (to keep politics out of it) and focus on the vision.

Together, as a collective, we reach the total population (7 times) by leveraging selected organizations, businesses, schools and communities.

The value proposition to organizations, businesses, schools and communities must provide principle-based and practical solutions that will empower individuals and sustain organic solidarity. With this foundation, our nation can:

    • Put Ethics back into Business Leadership
    • Put Spirituality back into The Community
    • Put Patient Education back into HealthCare
    • Put Intelligence and Wisdom back into Education
    • Put The Constitution and Human Rights back into Legal
    • Put Cultural Appreciation back into Travel and Recreation
    • Put Asset Creation (Not Debt Management) back into Finance
    • Put the Wisdom of our History back into Today’s Decision Making Through Legacy


Ready For The Future

Regardless of how technology continues to create an endless flow of new devices to connect people: desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, holograms, it all comes down to effective communication.

      • How to think
      • How to communicate
      • How to become interdependent

Communication and collaboration remain the core foundation of the Co-Lab Incubator process. Our intention is to easily adapt to the technology evolution, while maintaining socially responsible and effective applications and developing cultures committed to equality and peace. We shall remain an integral part of the technology explosion in each step of its growth. Together we will create an intelligent, personal experience in an impersonal digital age.

Through the Co-lab Incubator,
the collective of one reaches the population of many.

To become part of this powerful and far reaching movement,
contact us!

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