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AwareComm Mission

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  - Established 1987 -


AwareComm® developed and tested an educational learning system (Personal Learning Technology PLT) that has been proven to overcome many learning challenges and result in long-term change in a wide range of populations. 

AwareComm® then expanded the PLT system by adding a fully integrated Collaboration Laboratory Platform (Co-Lab) that blends technology, methodology and human understanding to address a wide range of social cultural issues.

AwareComm® then developed an app-based Systems Oriented Solution (SOS) approach established on Socratic Reasoning to deliver a method of ensuring that users achieve their goals via intelligent application of the technology.

AwareComm® then developed a structure for the user to easily develop apps that fully utilize state-of-the-art communication and learning methodologies (Harvard and Princeton University); contributing practical insight to create “app-ons.”

AwareComm® added a Buddy Tracking System that allows App Users to have On-demand Help with live text, video and personal interaction to minimize or eliminate common frustrations.

AwareComm® integrated state-of-the-art Intelligent Data Collection Methodology and Intelligent Data Reporting to expand the possibilities of Intelligent Research.


AwareComm’s mission is to make the Co-Lab Platform available through non-profit partnerships that are committed to develop Social Cultural Responsibly to:

  • DEVELOP a Strategy
  • DEFINE a Business Plan
  • IDENTITY Available Funds
  • IMPLEMENT a Solidarity Plan
  • VALIDATE Results with Research

Subsequently, AwareComm® is sponsoring a Global Outreach partner program with non-profit organizations committed to cultural solidarity, addiction intervention, treatment and aftercare to jointly deliver solutions:

  • Improve Organization Culture Engagement
  • Increase Intervention Effectiveness
  • Increase Treatment Effectiveness
  • Increase Aftercare Results

In addition, AwareComm® provides information on:

  • HealthCare
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Legal
  • Legacy Wisdom


We are hosting an open discussion meeting each week to explore the endless possibilities of this breakthrough. Join us!

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