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‘Sex Addict’ Therapy Unlikely to Help

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Opening Insights: Addiction Seduction

Addiction is taboo.

Yet addiction has subtly become the new normal for many unsuspecting participants. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex or the most prevalent, TECHNOLOGY... if we lack the emotional resources and maturity to deal with life, we will most likely fall prey to external forces.

We don't need to do a 5 million-dollar study to prove that traditional models of dealing with, preventing and treating addiction are not working. We just need to have a look at the:

  • Opioid pandemic,
  • Increase of gamblers,
  • Escalation of alcohol sales and consumption,
  • Number of high profile people with sexual addictions, and
  • Prevalence of social media / technology addiction (that has dumbed-down once-functional and capable people to ADD-like behaviors with an average attention span of less than a Goldfish).

Informational Insights: Simple Truths

In an article published by the Daily Mail, the addiction problem of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was introduced and explored. According to experts interviewed by the publication, Weinstein checked himself into rehab, yet the reality is that his chances of resolution and/or long-term recovery are slim to none:

'There is no evidence that sex addiction treatment actually works,' said David Ley, a psychologist in New Mexico and author of the book 'The Myth of Sex Addiction.'

'After 40 years, there is not a single published study that shows that sex addiction treatment has a positive effect or actually help people change their sexual behavior,' he told AFP.[1]

The article states:

  • Russell Brand, Tiger Woods, Ozzy Osbourne and Michael Douglas have proclaimed they were sex addicts after their philandering was revealed
  • 'You can control your impulses. He just decided not to do so,' said Holly Richmond, a certified sex therapist
  • Psychologist: 'There is no evidence that sex addiction treatment actually works'
  • 'It is a behavioral issue. Sex is not the problem.'
  • 'Again, the sex is just the tip, of the iceberg.'
  • Therapists are also divided on whether sex addiction even exists.
  • Not one published study that shows sex addiction treatment has a positive effect.[1]

The article quoted Charlene Lewis, a certified sex addiction therapist in Miami, who said,

'Part of addiction is denial. I think he is in a lot of denial about the damage he has done to these women.'

Four women have accused the 65-year-old producer of raping them, and more than two dozen actresses, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, say he sexually harassed them.

Lewis said any patient who wants to heal must really have the desire to change, recognize the harm their behavior has caused, and be willing to probe the root of the problem.

'It goes back to what are the core issues? What are you medicating? What are you overcompensating for?
'Especially someone with that much power and that much prestige, what is really going on inside him?'

She said successful sex therapy can take one to five years.

'There has to be a willingness to persevere through the process. It is not a quick fix.'[1]

Possibilities for Consideration: Let's Get Real

Addiction recovery is believable and achievable! However, current treatment modalities and processes lack the transformational and experiential learning processes to bring about real and lasting change.

  • What if all addictions were symptoms stemming from the same root cause?
  • What if we fix the cause of the problem and the symptoms go away?

In his later years, Bill W. clearly identified the need for AA to evolve and transcend to The Next Frontier of Addiction Recovery: Emotional Sobriety. Until now AA, 12 Step and traditional treatment models and programs have failed to find the tools and resources to make Bill W's dream and vision a reality.

While the 12 Step approach  remains as a viable option for those seeking recovery, the approach needs to be supported by transformational learning (to learn all 5 Dimensions of Sobriety) and monitored (at work, to provide a true behavioral accountability measure).

Food for thought:

  • If we will provide addiction prevention, detection, treatment and aftercare solutions our method must be evidence-based and measurable.
  • If we are to address the addiction problems within our businesses, organizations and schools we need a solution that deals with both cultural and individual resolution.
  • If we fail to address the addiction problems today what will be the cost to our businesses, organizations, schools, families and our world?

Add Your Insight: Take Back Our Lives

The goal of the twelve steps is for us to learn how to emotionally 12th step ourselves.

PWI Recovery PLUS is a structured program that supports and augments 12 Step recovery. Working within the AA structure and process, the proven PWI Recovery PLUS program incorporates:

  • Transformational Learning (so that emotional maturity and sobriety can be learned quicker and more effectively), and
  • Monitoring (so that accountability and the principles of emotional sobriety and 12 Step can be practiced and refined within a workplace environment).

This program was tested and proven by numerous studies. Its effectiveness was illustrated by one Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) study to yield a 91% long-term success rate. See our field research.

JOIN the PWI RECOVERY PLUS in echoing in a new era of addiction recovery.
12 Step + PWI Recovery PLUS + Monitoring = Success (91% Success)


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