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Results: Beto Escamilla Ph.D (3rd Party Validation)

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Beto Escamilla Ph.D
Data Analyst LHFHC

“This clearly shows with a 95% (or greater assurance) that the 4.21 change in total mean difference is not due to chance. One can assume the alternate hypothesis is in effect which state that the change in total mean difference is due to the A.C.T. (program) intervention with the population under study, all things equal” (Now Pocket Wisdom Insights Series).


Robert Giambelluca
Blade Citizen

“I have been hiring from your labor pool for almost two years, and have always been impressed with the quality of employees I’ve received.  I’m amazed at the level of motivation and confidence displayed in their work ethic and attitude…

In addition to seeing an impressive 22 percent increase in sales generated by the thirteen part time workers I contracted from you…Very impressive for people who were just months ago unemployed and homeless.” The Rest of the Story: Full Letter

M. Christopher Megison
Alpha Project

Our Economic well being has significantly improved. Our monthly cash inflow has increased by 165%. This as resulted is us becoming independent of federal funding dollars. We are well on our way to a COMPLETELY SELF FUNDED OPERATION…

Awareness Communication Technology has empowered us into a course of financial independence and given our staff a unique set of tools for their own personal and professional growth and development. The Rest of the Story: Full Letter


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