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5G Will Change Everything – Including Our Brains

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Opening Insights: Not for Me, Thanks

A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

Would you willingly buy and use a piece of hardware that was guaranteed to give you cancer? Of course not! Nobody wants to get cancer.

Would you wear a material that you were allergic to, that caused your skin to become red and itchy? Certainly not! Everybody wants to be comfortable.

Would you buy a device that altered your brain functioning in a unpredictable and potentially debilitating manner? Well, not everyone is saying "no." In fact, many are rushing to the stores to buy one and demanding that their city officials build the infrastructure to broaden its usability.

Informational Insights: Brain Damage? Yes Please.

The following article was published by Natural News, "defending health, life and liberty." It was written by Mike Adams, a bestselling author and environmental scientist.

(Natural News) If you’re wondering why people who live in 5G rollout areas seem to be going insane, it’s not your imagination. 5G radiation causes “neuropsychiatric” effects through a mechanism described as ion potentiation poisoning of brain cells, according to research published in Environmental Research.

This results in behavioral changes and even personality changes among those who are routinely exposed, researchers found. In other words, 5G is a weapon system that doubles as a telecommunications infrastructure, but the real impact is to damage human brain function and destroy rationality, reason and civility, especially among those who live in high population cities where 5G towers are becoming ubiquitous. That’s why you may have noticed increased insanity and widespread mental derangement in those areas.

I’ve published an important podcast that details the mass mental illness now being caused by 5G exposure. Watch it on, the free speech alternative to YouTube (you can create your own account there for free and post your own videos, too).

This article originally appeared in NATURAL NEWS: 5G radiation causes BEHAVIOR changes in humans, causes ion potentiation poisoning of brain cells, leading to mass insanity

Possibilities for Consideration: Neuropsychiatric

Whether or not you believe in the danger posed by the widespread rollout of 5G networks, is it really worth the risk to move forward before careful large-scale third-party testing AND validation has taken place? Also, do you trust that mobile device companies (ahem, APPLE) and mobile networks have your best interest at heart?

If they're anything like Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter then we're in for one wild ride. When we all become psychotic, then psychosis will be the new normal and nothing will be wrong because we'll all have the same condition. Right? Just search for "dangers of 5G" online and see what you find.

If you are interested in keeping your brain function normal and keeping yourself as you, then fill out the SocraticQ near the bottom of this page. You will find that you are not alone in wanting to keep your sanity.

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I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Being willing is not enough; we must do.


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Every Perspective Counts
Contribute Your Thoughts to Empower Our World
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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

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This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
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Every Perspective Counts
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