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December 19, 2021 0
Opening Insights: Sovereignty The following article was published on the SGT Report January 20, 2021by David Bryan, Silver Doctors: The key is a sovereign economy backed by gold. With a gold backed currency, everything falls [...]

Co-Lab SOS Training and Team Building Workshop eMod – Lesson 1

September 13, 2021 0
Interested in learning about Co-Lab™ SOS Training and Team Building? Explore the initial Workshop Course material which offers a unique, multi-dimensional approach to value-based commerce, entrepreneurial mindset and experiential learning. Watch as Dynamic Relational Models™ [...]

Healthcare PTSD and a PTSD Cure – Coincidence?

September 7, 2021 0

Opening Insights: PTSD is NOT Convenient In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.- Walter Cronkite - PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder has been associated with military service members since the [...]

Revelation and Reason

September 2, 2021 0

In this latest short video from Prager U, podcaster Joe Rogan points out that until 1776, everywhere in the world had been ruled by, essentially, dictators. Now many here in America want to push us [...]

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