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How Do We Overcome Fear?

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Americans Need Confidence Before Life Can Return to Normal

Today’s SMBs are more than a just a means to perpetuate commerce. They represent an integral part of community socialization and individual development:

  • Financial Security
  • Sense of Purpose and Value
  • Give us a sense of individual identity

We take businesses for granted – always open, always available and a reliable place to get a job. Perhaps there is more to their story, for example:

Danny Meyer — restaurateur and founder of Shake Shack — said that he is already envisioning the changes he will make when he finally gets the green light to reopen his restaurant empire. Kitchen employees will have to wear masks and not only have their temperature taken but also look their manager in the eye and verbally confirm they are feeling healthy.

He is imagining other tweaks, too, to help reassure guests — from maitre d’s with laser thermometers to a coat check overhaul to a more European-style payment system that doesn’t require handing a credit card to the server.

“The two things I’m thinking about more than anything are, ‘How do we overcome fear?’ and ‘How do we provide love?’ ” said Meyer, who is also the chief executive of Union Square Hospitality Group, whose restaurants include Gramercy Tavern and Maialino in New York. “Anybody who thinks that the human emotion of fear resides with any kind of government decree is just entirely missing the boat.”

The quoted text above is from an article originally written by THE WASHINGTON POST (19/04/2020) and re-published on the news site.

A Great Recognition, BUT…

If, however, the recession forces significant numbers of firms to go out of business, and if Americans are reluctant to resume normal patterns of economic activity without the existence of a proven vaccine, the government’s larger role will likely last longer and be far less transitory.

“More fiscal stimulus — government spending — would be the only viable alternative because the Fed is tapped out,” Yellen said. “The Fed is doing everything it can,” she said. “We will have gotten to the point where fiscal policy has to play a role, or else we’ll be burdened by chronically high unemployment.”

To this end we must be prepared to reshape our business models quickly and consider new dimensions of partnering with our customers to focus on mutually beneficial relationships that re-activate latent entrepreneurs and build new business partners to deepen our collective economic strength.

The propaganda machine perpetually pounding in the fear; the prescribed level of social distancing; and the requirement for wearing masks have created an unprecedented level of deep distrust that will take a significant effort to neutralize and overcome.

The media offers enticing headlines to capture our interest, then they deliver one ounce of truth and one hundred pounds of opinion. That’s called propaganda. For example, The Washington Post wrote about the danger of coming back to work too soon in this example article: ‘How do we overcome fear?’: Americans need confidence before life can return to normal. Thus, fear takes on the characteristics of: False Evidence Appearing Real.

The Washington Post article is an example of the amplification and justification of fear. The article takes facts and packages them neatly to push a message fear and distrust, and it does so deliberately.

Deceive – Divide – Conquer

When people return to their jobs they will be filled with:

  • Fear
  • Entitlement
  • False Expectations (they will expect to get sick, and when expectations fail, they will get angry)

This will be superimposed onto people by the media storytellers, who have been told what to think. The media then tells the public what to think. They push a narrative based on facts but twisted by misrepresentation. Journalism that tells people what to think and how to think is not journalism. The correct term for that is propaganda.

People Need Confidence Before Life Can Return to Normal
As a Global Community We Collectively Face the Pandemic Dilemma!

We all have high hopes that a fast-economic recovery will occur once the lock-down has been lifted. All things being equal, that would likely be the case, but we have been changed. We have been damaged by this experience – damage that must be repaired.

AwareComm’s pre-employment process can help any business, organization or school identify and correct these problems before they become an expense. The ideal place for the repair to happen is at our jobs. One challenge to overcome in order for employment-based training to occur is returning people to places of employment.

AwareComm is Revolutionizing the Re-staffing Process for Organizations

The planned continuation of the COVID-19 Climate of Fear requires a new dimension of employment. People who have been exposed to the climate of fear must be offered tools and resources to face the fear in the workplace, called re-employment. This re-employment process paves the way for pre-employment:

  1. Tribal Wisdom – Re-employed individuals pass on the tribal knowledge, wisdom and training to the next round of individuals for pre-employment (Creating Employee-Authored eMod Apps™)
  2. Newbie Syndrome – Recruit new employees without bearing the added cost of the Newbie syndrome (Using Applied Knowledge Transfer™ (AKT))
  3. Re-Search – Expand on the existing knowledge base and understanding of the 1st step and recognition of what was missing from it (Creating eMod App-Ons™)

Why is re-employment with pre-employment effective?

  1. Measure our employment candidates to ensure the right application for the right person
  2. Communicate more effectively – in accordance with how the brain works (Whole Brain Thinking)
    • Common language
    • Common foundation of principles and methodology
    • Presented in a way that results are believable and achievable (eMod Apps™)
  3. Test – did they learn it? (SocraticQ™)
  4. Survey – Assess (qualify/quantify) what they learned (Culture Value-ation Indicator)
    • Measure not only what knowledge was transferred from the source information, but what else they deduced as a result of the foundation learning (student becomes the teacher, authoring eMod App-Ons™)
  5. Create a structural ecosystem between management and production that produces the natural harmony of a Mobius Loop (can’t tell the difference between the inside and the outside)
    • Followship expands the work to be done to implement the vision
    • Leadership establishes, holds and adjusts the execution of the mission to attain the vision

Thus, we have a tested and proven ecosystem. This is the process we use to not only return businesses to their pre-COVID-19 functioning condition, but to make them better through the establishment of a trust-based interdependent organization culture.

Welcome to Teams 20/20

Transform YOUR Business Principles into AdI™ Wisdom
Create A New and Exciting Employee Empowered Network

When your employees return, or new employees come in to take their places, these will not be the same people who left at the onset of the COVID-19 debacle. They will be changed as a result of their environment, the media, their experience and cultural factors – all of which have resulted in fear, anger and distrust.

That being said, you will not be able to use your old dog-training regimen to train the cats who are coming in to fill the vacant employee positions – it won’t work. A whole new method of employee training is necessary to remove the fear and re-establish trust-based relationships in both your employees and your customers.

A new type of training with a new method of knowledge transfer, without the needless psychobabble, is required. AwareComm® offers pre-employment learning qualification:

We test resistance – residual from the virus, a free Teams 20/20 workshop with a proven enterprise-level AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ Culture Value-ation Assessment

In this process we evoke the power to expand company/organization assets with a new network of private-branded Apps. A network emerges with the latest AI and BI feedback containing the latest economic and social perspectives. Employers and their organizations then become the hub of economic and social insight.

This process allows the employees to develop their own culture for which they are responsible.

A Typical Employee Assessment of Their Organization

Like many others, our work environment faces many challenges. They are not unique to us nor to our company. However, the amount and severity of them do seem to be on higher end of the spectrum. In the last year or so, we have gone through 5 different managers.

Our most recent manager has proven to be the most promising. He has the ability to learn and a willingness to ask for, and find value in, the perceptions and knowledge of others. However, his ability to effectively lead is compromised by a work environment that struggles to be supportive and is unable to teach and promote teamwork.

Anonymous Front-Line Employee

This is the problem that existed before the virus and was being ignored. The virus has now uncovered it and made it undeniable.

Companies impacted by the COVID-19 qualify for grants through community joint-venture partnership programs to explore the applicability of this advanced technology (AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™).

News Release

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are devastating our global economy. A select group of Microsoft Partners developed a platform to overcome the resulting cultural impact of FEAR from loss of income, security and unity.  Supported by an elite group of top Data Scientists, AwareComm® (a Microsoft Multi-Gold Software Developer) created a unique balance of AI + BI + HI + SI to help people raise their Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™).

Creating Empowered Employees with AdI™ Wisdom

This platform empowers employers and employees alike to transcend their insight and experience into powerful and professional Apps that amplify the delivery experience well beyond the traditional training program. This results in community benefits:

  • Recognizing individuals for their skill and wisdom – Self-Esteem
  • Providing today’s employees greater resources for support – Solidarity

A New Dimension of Technology – AI for Publishing Employee Training

This process strengthens people’s (your audience) ability to:

  • Learn new ideas quicker and easier
  • Control emotion and think more logically
  • Make decisions rooted in teamwork
  • Successfully implement those decisions
  • Tell others about your ideas and your book

A New Private Branded Community Network Ecosystem

We begin with the roots of our PRACTICAL foundation by activating a new platform of technology that includes AdI™ Tele-Culture™ Networks that re-unite key dimensions of our world as an ecosystem:

  • Business – Pre-Employment Testing and Training
  • Families – Relatives – Friends – Associates
  • Community Nonprofit Service Organizations

We begin by helping business build stronger interdependent networks with Tele-Culture™ to:

  • Improve the adaptation of practical principles to daily life
  • Implement the application of tele-solutions to unity
  • Expand community services to grow commerce
  • Become more financially independent
  • Return to foundation principles

Begin with FREE Testing

AdI™ Testing Identifies the Internal and External Need
Artificial Intelligence + Business Intelligence + Adaptive Intelligence

This Presents a Clear Picture of Organization Culture

Once an organization becomes a member of the network, they qualify to sponsor a Community Collaboration Research Institute, built to develop populations with Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™).

Tomorrow’s Intelligent Communities

This process allows organizations to fully reopen, start fresh and re-build Community Economies for Business, Organizations and Schools.

With this recognition, this platform helps organizations address Tele-Culture™ and fear:

  • Redefine their Tele-Culture™ Business Models
  • Capture the unique Pocket Wisdom of employees
  • Recognize the causes of Adaptive Resistance (AdR™)
  • Create readiness for change by raising Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™)
  • Implement change that is sustainable through stakeholder adoption
  • Develop new forms of revenue in the flow of commerce to improve liquidity
  • Strengthen interdependent community stakeholders with a natural growth of solidarity

It all begins with a comprehensive Microsoft App-ortunities App found in the Microsoft Store. Download your FREE App and attend a FREE seminar to understand the endless possibilities to be found.

To learn more, enroll in a Teams 20/20 Workshop...

eMod SocraticQ Conversation

Every Perspective Counts
Contribute Your Thoughts to Empower Our World
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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • deceive the public
  • disrupt tradition
  • divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


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to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
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