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Oxford Community Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab™)

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Opening Insights:

City of Oxford: Latin motto “Fortis est Veritas” means “The truth is strong.”

Homelessness and addiction is out of control within the UK.

Social benefits and homeless entitlements within certain communities, like Oxford, makes relocation and occupation more attractive. Hence the large number of homeless people on the streets - looking for hand outs rather than empowerment and opportunities to get out of their box.

People seeking benefits come to Oxford from around the country. The problem is people come for the benefits, take from the community, with no ROI, motivation to recovery or incentive to give back. Programs are available, but there is no DESIRE, INCENTIVE or READINESS FOR CHANGE.

This is socially conditioned entitlement. It is a growing problem within the UK and around the world. It is affecting our businesses, economies, society and future.


The problem is systemic – involving all stakeholders within the community, hence we need a systemic solution to address the SYMPTOMS and the CAUSE. Traditional means of tackling these social cultural problems don't seem to be having much social redeeming impact on present and future challenges. While some programs show measurable social impacts, the growing trend of homelessness and addiction seem to make the "successful" results questionable. The problem is:

  • Traditional solutions often do not support a long-term systemic cultural paradigm shift.
  • Traditional solutions often fail to overcome the ingrained beliefs that prevent learning and change.
  • Traditional solutions often address one area of the problem, not the systemic and cultural causes.
  • Traditional solutions often fail to provide long-term measurable programs and data to show large scale change.
  • Traditional solutions often address the superficial realities of the problem rather than the ingrained social conditioning.
  • Traditional solutions often fail to support effective prevention programs to address the problem before an individual hits crisis point.

To address these challenges a select group of organizations and individuals are uniting, to create a collaborative empowerment platform to reverse the homelessness and addiction crisis and at the same time rebuild the culture of Oxford to what it once was and aspires to be.

This blog memorializes the developing partnership between AwareComm® and Oxford businesses, organizations, community groups and educational institutions. It encompasses the development of the Oxford Community Co-Lab™. Together we aim to provide sustainable, transferable, evidence-based and measurable solutions that benefits all stakeholders. The platform will empower the community with the tools to address the most pressing challenges within the community: entitlement, homelessness and addiction.

Informational Insights: United WE STAND

I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful.
One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking. It is all like an opera.


The Oxford Community Co-Lab™ unites Oxford Community, organizations, groups, communities, schools and individuals dedicated to community development and the reverse of entitlement, homeless and addicts within the city and country as a whole.

Our goal is to reverse the homeless and addiction by shifting the homeless/addict paradigm. We provide a collaborative platform to empower, engage, inspire and transform people, organizations and communities with:

  • Research/Evidence-Based Approach
  • Readiness and Acceptance of Change
  • Organization and Community Solutions
  • Employment and Job Skills and  Opportunities
  • Transformational and Experiential Leaning Platform
  • Mentorship and Volunteer Platform for Apprenticeship
  • Training, Skills and Mentoring to Bridge The School-University-Business Gap
  • Measurable Drug and Alcohol Addiction Solutions, Assessments and Prevention Tools
  • Job and Career Development Resources, Training and Skills to Become Sought-After Workers
  • Business and Family Training and Solutions for Sustained Recovery (Homelessness & Addiction)
  • Collaborative Mentoring Opportunities for Applied Knowledge Transfer™ and Sustained Recovery

Together we seek to provide a sustainable research network for the Oxford Community, businesses, homeless centers, addiction organizations, educational institutions and residence. Additionally, we seek to research and implement effective homeless and addiction prevention programs through teaching and re-education – teaching soft skills to boost human intelligence, empower skills development and learn compassion, care and awareness of self and others.

  • AwareComm’s Mission is to partner with organizations to identify the roots of the Problems, achieve Answers, and implement sustainable Solutions. We provide a platform, process and environment (Co-Lab™) that empowers people and organizations, while silently reversing the negative impact of technology and social engineering. Social Cultural Responsibility in action! //
  • Oxford Community Co-Lab™ Mission is to unite Oxford Community - empowering Oxford Community and the businesses, organizations, educational institutions and residence with the education, products and resources to combat homelessness and addiction today and protect our children's tomorrow.

Let’s explore what the Oxford Community Co-Lab is all about…

Oxford Community Co-Lab™ Problems – Answers – Solutions

Problems We Seek to Overcome:

  • Economic decline as a result of increased homelessness and addiction
  • Social unrest, violence and instability due to increase in homelessness and addiction
  • Social apathy and ignorance at the problems the community faces today; and if unresolved children face tomorrow
  • Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social and Relationship Problems that go hand in hand with Homelessness and Addiction:
    • Homelessness and Addiction are learned/social conditioning due to maladaptive coping styles
    • Homelessness and Addiction are often characterized by a progressive loss of personal control
    • Homelessness and Addiction are often characterized by similar traits: immaturity, low EQ, low self-esteem and lack of emotional-self regulation
    • Homelessness and Addiction are often addressed well after the cause of the problem surfaces
    • Homelessness and Addiction are a social cultural issue that infect and affect the culture as a whole
  • Entitlement and Benefits programs fail to effectively motivate and support homeless and addicts in making or desiring employment, training or recovery


  • To unify and collaborate to address a common problem
  • To shift the homeless stigma and paradigm
  • To provide addiction recovery solutions where and when needed
  • To reverse the effects of the shadow culture (fear-based social conditioning)
  • To provide evidence-based (believable and achievable) solutions for homeless and addicted communities (culture)
  • To implement advance education & research methodology and analysis
  • To promote homelessness and addiction prevention, intervention and family education through PWI Co-Lab™ Outreach (E.A.R.)
  • To implement a community (business and university) mentorship program – homeless, addicts, university students and businesses (Applied Knowledge Transfer™)
  • To expand sustainable sponsorship and funding solutions, resources and partnerships
  • To implement readiness for change program – enhance soft skills (for all ages and educational levels), expand business & economic development
  • To provide a measurable, scalable and evidence-based solution to the shortage of talented and skilled labor
  • To research effectiveness of implementation and mentoring

Solution: Co-Lab™ Process (Platform + Managed Services)

Additionally, The Oxford Community Co-Lab™ will utilize AwareComm’s patented PWI Readiness for Change, PWI 5 Dimensions of Recovery Process and Applied Knowledge Transfer™ Programs. PWI 5 Dimensions of Recovery Process has a 91% proven success rate.

The Co-Lab develops purpose-driven strategic partnerships that link homeless shelters, recovery (homes, programs and treatment centers) to businesses and the community. It provides a path and gateway for homeless people to not only get back on their feet, but to get back on their feet within a supportive community, while working and learning to earn a living. This process therefore, creates strategic partnerships between Homeless and Recovery Co-Lab and Business Communities.

The solution includes Personal, Organizational, Employment and Family resources. All elements include “Readiness for Change” educational courseware and addiction intervention, prevention and aftercare programs. They provide the cultural shift that is needed within the homeless community – so they can find value in who they are, rather than what they have come to believe about themselves and the world.

Overview Of The Oxford Community Co-Lab™

The Oxford Community Co-Lab™ is an app-based platform + process + managed service. The collaborative platform provides the optimum environment to:

This allows for an eco-system system of support in which all participants experience unity and empowerment.

The Co-Lab™ platform plus process includes deliverable eModular Apps (eMods™) that support perceptions, thinking and communicating with proven and accepted values, principles and relational models, which guide a project to bring forth a structure for effortless collaboration.

The Co-Lab™ architecture allows us to seamlessly connect and integrate multiple complex platforms into a single eco-system: Communication Tracking, Analytics and Reporting (complete with sentience measurement).

The Executive Co-Lab™ team is being assembled as illustrated below:

Research-Driven: Social Culturally Responsible Projects

The battle to find funding for social projects is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s world. What would it be like to have access to reliable funding sources? What if we could fund research to develop solutions to our social problems that would result in a duplicatable, transferable and scalable methodology (packaged and deliverable) that would become:

  • Self-Funding (By Private Donations)
  • Self-Perpetuating (Attraction Based on Proven Success)
  • Self-Regulating (Resulting in Active Membership Contribution)

This approach would attract purpose-driven investors wanting to experience their seed funding, resulting in ongoing benefits capable of becoming self-sustaining after the initial startup phase. Seed not Feed.

Their approach would clearly define:

  • The Problem
  • The (Root) Cause of the Problem
  • The Cost of the Problem
    • Socially
    • Individually
  • The Social Benefits of the Planned Outcome to:
    • The Community
    • Individual Participants
  • The Return on Investment (ROI)
    • The Community
    • Individual Participants
  • Research Analytics with Elements of Influence
    • Beginning Sentient
    • Progress Sentient
    • Conclusion Sentient
    • Ongoing Implementation

This solution would enable Social Entrepreneurs to obtain a sustainable Oxford Community Co-Lab™.

Solution-Driven: Cultural Development, Sustainability and Research

The replication crisis continues within the social sciences and humanities arena. To secure funding and support we see the need for Social Model programs to produce MEASURABLE RESULTS - EVIDENCE-BASED, REPLICATABLE AND SCALEABLE PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS. We see the need for data science to go beyond algorithms and focus on standardized, scalable and evidence-based program delivery and data collection that reduces confirmation bias and minimizes skewed data.

AwareComm® is revolutionizing the data science world with its patent-pending Sentient Analysis™ data gathering and analysis process. The process incorporates the Socratic Method and copyrighted relational models to effectively quantify human behavior – to support and empower rather than manipulate like contemporary data analysis methods.

The sustainability of the any project or program relies on research and evidence-based practices. Today, we see the need for data science to go beyond algorithms and focus on how we collect data to ensure confirmation bias is reduced and skewed data minimized.

Encouraging research and development, AwareComm® provides a quick, easy and effective way (see model below) for Co-Labs to get established and funded as research institutes. The model ensures Co-Labs are implemented, funded and sustained through businesses and universities. This symbiotic relationship ensures sustainability of all stakeholders through re-investment and recurring benefits from the partnership.

The Mentoring Component of The Oxford Community Co-Lab™

Business wisdom, tribal wisdom, trainings, interventions and programs need to be captured, measured, packaged, published, transferred and shared with the world. It is important that we not only pack and present the content, but transfer the wisdom in a way that it can be applied to the lives of people: young and old, near and far.

The Oxford Community Co-Lab™ provides a mentorship model that supports Applied Knowledge Transfer™ through transformational and experiential learning. This model also serves to add economic and social benefit to the Oxford Community, trainers, homeless and addicts rights communities and movements worldwide.

Possibilities for Consideration: The Opportunity of Unity

We all love our community. We all chose to live here! We all want to live here and see the prosperity of our environment for ourselves, our children and our country.

  • What if you could be a part of a movement to unite, rebuild and grow the  Oxford Community?
  • What if you could be a part of empowering and reversing the crisis of homelessness and addiction?
  • What if you could be a part of making Oxford a safe, secure and sustainable community today and tomorrow?
  • What if you could be a part of a prevention, mentorship and education movement to address problems rather than manage them?

Add Your Insight: Living Your Passion…

Let’s start listening. Let’s start giving!

We share a common cause and a community we love.

Let’s unite and restore our community not in words but in action. There are many like us. The question is not why to explore the Oxford Community Co-Lab™, the question is why not?

eMod SocraticQ Conversation

Every Perspective Counts
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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • deceive the public
  • disrupt tradition
  • divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


Distraction Junction


What is a Modern Hero?:


We invite Heroes and Visionaries
to explore accessing these powerful methodologies and resources
to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
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