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Pocket Wisdom Insights Intervention vs. Traditional Intervention

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Opening Insights

Most intervention processes focus on boxing the patient into a corner with tough love, treats of loss and bullying awareness of the cost of their behavior. This process often happens as a group of family and friends gather together and over a few hours communicate their experience of the patient and their observations of what the patient is doing to self, themselves and others. The patient is often overwhelmed and bullied into submission. The problem with this approach is that it is using the same “things” and experiences that created the problem to fix the problem… thus is it really surprising that most intervention processes result in COMPLIANCE and fail to result in long-term sobriety?

Informational Insights

If we believe the words of Albert Einstein “that we cannot use the same thinking that created the problem to solve the problem.” Then heightening and exacerbating the patients state of fear will result in survival thinking rather than logical / rational higher order thinking, thus any decision made when in this state will only serve to perpetuate and reinforce addictive thinking rather than counter it.

Pocket Wisdom Insight’s intervention approach is a systemic approach that takes the time to build and nurture a supportive and devoted team around the patient. Solving the problem with the complement to the problem… the team joins together to create a space of trust and love that offers an environment and place for the patient to enter when they are ready, whenever that may be. With a cohesive understanding of addiction and a willingness to be the change they want to see In the patient, everyone in a sense enters recovery and walks a path of honesty, selflessness, purity of intention and love. Subtle nudges of awareness are shared over time and in a progressive and coordinated manner sharing with the patient what he or she will lose if they do not enter recovery.

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