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Opening Insights: Never Again

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


The following article was published by Just the News, one of the nation's leading sources of conservative press. It was written by John Hawkins writer for The Dan Bongino Show and author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know.

Meckler explains how Parler is back online and won’t be canceled again.

Informational Insights: Bouncing Back

Parler interim CEO Mark Meckler has been instrumental in bringing the social media platform back online after it was removed from Amazon Web Services, the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store last month.

Meckler has previous experience in the tech world through his prior legal work and founding both the Tea Party Patriots and Convention of States Project. He explained to the John Solomon Reports podcast that as a result of people being canceled online he started a project that would prevent them from being deplatformed.

"I've been thinking about, during all this cancellation, what we have to do as conservatives or libertarians or just anybody who believes in free speech to protect ourselves in an online world, because we live in a time when if people decide they're going to send the woke mob after you, you can get canceled or unpersoned," Meckler said.

“And so people like us needed a way to be safe and secure online, and that involves a project I'm working on called the Stack, which is building everything we need from cloud-hosted servers all the way to the ground. That includes email service providers, and customer resource management providers, includes banking and merchant accounts — everything you would need to survive online, so that you can't be deplatformed."

Meckler explained how he ended up working with Parler. "When Parler went down," he recalled, "I reached out to one of my friends who is one of the majority owners in Parler, just asked if I can help, started helping them to find pieces and put the pieces in place that they needed to get back online. Ultimately, that resulted, over time, in me being the interim CEO.

"And one important correction: Now, I don't really deserve any credit for getting Parler back online. There is an incredible staff there of folks ... they've been warriors, they've been working literally 18-20 hours a day for weeks to get that stuff back online, and they deserve all the credit." 

Meckler expounded on the immense complexity required to build an independent system.

"There's all the mechanisms that are required to protect you from the online attacks that are taking place constantly," he explained. "There's things like the merchant banking that has to be plugged in, the ability to take credit cards for advertisers, all of this stuff — all these layers of technology had to be redone.

"And I think this is the most important part for people to understand: They had to be redundant. And you had to have multiple iterations of each provider or each technology, that way you don't have a single point of failure. And frankly, that's what I'm most proud of, of the staff and everybody involved with the outside contractors or consultants. These guys put this together in a way that I feel like we're really safe and secure for the long haul."

Parler is experiencing some issues on Apple iOS, Meckler said. "Apple hasn't been entirely cooperative with us, and we're working to get back on the App Store so that we can load a new version of the app up there and fix some of the bugginess."

"I'm hopeful" that Apple will let Parler back on the App Store, Meckler said. "I mean, certainly no guarantees, but they certainly haven't precluded the possibility. And one of the things that we've been able to demonstrate conclusively in the public sphere, you've probably seen this — Forbes did an analysis — and really, Parler had nothing to do with what happened on January 6th, that was the excuse for a political hit job."

"The majority of anything that's negative took place on Facebook was the number one, YouTube was number two, Instagram  ... So that was a hit job, and I think Apple understands that. So right now, yeah, we expect and we hope that we'll be back up with Apple shortly."

As of now, Parler is only available to current users, but will probably be allowing new accounts next week, Meckler added.

Looking ahead, Meckler said that he is most worried about people being canceled by the banking system and email service providers.

"I'm worried about our banking system," Meckler said. "Significantly more and more banks are refusing, for example, to serve gun sellers or gun manufacturers, ammunition providers, so I'm worried about the safety and security of the banking system. That includes credit card companies and those who process credit cards, they're called the merchant banking system. So all of those are a concern to me ... We talked briefly that I'm working on something called the Stack. And the Stack is intended to include all of those things."

"And I want to be clear, it's not like we're inventing this, there are some pieces we may have to build, but there are a lot of people out there that are willing to play in the space that already run these kinds of businesses. I've been in talks with some banks that I think are good, solid conservative banks that can't be cowed by the woke mob. We already have some merchant account providers that are like that, that will be plugging in. There's, for example, a big need for email service providers. There's a problem out there right now. MailChimp is censoring email — that's the biggest — Constant Contact is censoring email."

This article originally appeared on February 16, 2021 in JUST THE NEWS: Parler interim CEO says conservatives need complete tech ecosystem to avoid being canceled

Possibilities for Consideration: A Power Too Great

To stand against the immense power behind the technology, internet and financial organizations in charge of our government, media and education institutions we must get smarter and do it together.

AwareComm® offers a platform that provides the resources and the guidance to meet this challenge.

It’s not just that we need a solution, in this new environment nobody will trust, everybody is angry, nobody listens, commerce stops, efficiency diminishes, nobody cares.

Our culture consists of perception, attitude, thinking and behavior and we have created a culture now rooted in distrust, fear and anger.

The following models illustrate the psychology of fear and control
being used to force America to its knees.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Control-Wheel-copyright.png

Whatever we do, however we do it, this becomes the basis for how we will build relationships at home, work, worship and play. These models will permeate all dimensions of our lives and must be reversed if our communities and our country are to survive.

The Real Solution: Founded in Spiritual Principles

A real solution, fully developed (tested, proven and paid for), is found in AwareComm's proprietary Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™) algorithm.

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The AdI™ algorithm aligns with the intent of Pope Francis's call for a 'Good Algorithm,' to reverse the damage done by the irresponsible use of technology.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AI–BI–HI–SI_AdI-e1598220376822.png

Rebuilding Community Commerce - - Rebuilding the Soul of a Community

AwareComm's AdI™ algorithm is available in a community Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab™) Research and ePublishing Institute, where people learn to take charge of their communities by transcending adversity to diversity and solidarity through the application of responsible commerce. Success is assured by applying the principles of Adaptive Intelligence to entrepreneurial thinking using socially responsible capitalism.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Adversity-Commerce-Community-circled-1024x576.png

What comes from an established foundation of commerce rooted in spiritual principles and AdI™ is a new business model. This business model, for the application of Socially Responsible Capitalism, is our theme and driving inspiration.

A Co-Lab™ is the implementation mechanism of the result of 30+ years of field research.

Co-Labs™ create an environment conducive to learning, solidarity and change (old ideas are more quickly learned and new ideas are more quickly accepted and implemented).

Our Next Step

The AwareComm® Team is attracting partners in order to awaken in the people a desire for peace and solidarity as a way to fulfill their personal needs.

Through a careful blend of AI + BI + HI + SI the Co-Lab™ Research Institute has the correct balance of technology, methodology, human understanding, spiritual principles and data science to put us on the right track to individual social and cultural empowerment.

Due Diligence classes offer a deeper dive into the Co-Lab™ Research and ePublishing Institute to determine if this philosophy is effective for your community. You will learn:

  • The logical power of the AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ algorithm for communication and learning
  • The communication power of Co-Lab™ Research and ePublishing Institute to provide secure:
    • self-funding
    • self-perpetuating
    • self-regulating networks
  • The commerce power of Socially Responsible Capitalism, blending nonprofit and commercial applications
  • The application of Social Partnerships, bringing ethical business principles to overcome social challenges
  • The joy, satisfaction and pride of taking a role in returning our world to a state of freedom and opportunity - being proud to be a patriot
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Inviting Potential Partners

For more information
and to receive your invitation to a Due Diligence class

eMod SocraticQ Conversation

Every Perspective Counts
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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • deceive the public
  • disrupt tradition
  • divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


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We invite Heroes and Visionaries
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to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
Contribute Your Thoughts to Empower Our World
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