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Christian Communities Face Challenges

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To: Church Leaders

Subject:  Churches Today are Taking Charge of Mother Earth with:

A foundation pillar of our nation, The Constitution, is being dismantled piece by piece under the guise of safety in response to the COVID-19 disaster. The media, which is protected by The Constitution, is in full support of this movement and is using its power to push the propaganda message – harder. Online media drives everybody’s emotions higher adding fuel to the flames of Deceive, Divide, Conquer.

Another foundation pillar of our nation, freedom of the practice and expression of religion, is being tread upon. Church membership was shrinking before the COVID-19 disaster. Now, as part of the safety protocol inflicted upon citizens by their governments, those who would attend church service are prohibited from doing so.

The timing could not be worse as Christian communities today find themselves facing challenges of

  • Racial conflicts
  • Generational conflicts
  • Addiction exploding
  • Unemployment exploding
  • Domestic Violence

‘COVID-19 Residue’
Control – Fear – Blame – Anger

How can our churches return to being the Solution Centers for our country and for humanity?

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The Spiritual Roots of
The AdI™
Dynamic Relational Models

When the Pope called for a Good Algorithm a select group of top Christian data scientists directed their attention to expand AI and BI technology by adding Human Intelligence (HI) and Spiritual Intelligence (SI). They packaged spiritual principles as modern apps that deliver practical solutions using AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ methodology to solve today’s most pressing challenges.

Rather that partnering with those who are accelerating the problem, this group has partnered with spiritual leaders to deliver and administer this new Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™) Algorithm to communities around the world using a new social model.

It all begins with an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

How We Convert Adversity into Diversity with Commerce
Rooted in PROVEN Practical Spirituality

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Symbiotic Community Partnerships

The community partnerships are based on a Social Entrepreneurship Business Philosophy that invokes symbiotic partnerships between Businesses and Non-Profits that form Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab™) Research Institutes to ensure we not only solve the right problem, but the problem stays solved.

To accomplish this transition from Adversity to Commerce,
we must tap into the community power and wealth
using a fast, easy and safe technology (Microsoft Teams)
and expand it with AwareComm's propriety "Good Algorithm."

Empowering New Ideas
With a Microsoft Teams App

We’ve Embedded Our Program into Teams

Telling People
The Truth
(what needs to be said)
Without Confrontation

Supporting and Building Commerce:

  • Clergy
  • Community Leaders
  • Trainers / Managers / Mentors
  • People with new ideas (Adversity)

Telling the story:

  • without recieving Disrespect
  • without recieving Defense
  • without recieving Rebellion
  • without recieving Sabotage

When everybody knows The Truth about Adaptive Resistance (AdR™) ...
everybody knows that everybody knows,
then everybody becomes accountable to everybody –
the team becomes self-accountable (in Microsoft Teams).

Trained SOS Facilitators for HI + SI support (Human Intelligence + Spiritual Intelligence), direct people to blogs, videos, and PWI Courseware.

AdI™ Facilitators and Guides address challenges keeping visionaries up to date regarding concerns while protecting them from attack. Everyone is able to present their ideas and SOS (Solutions Oriented Support) will fully protect them.

Presenters and content creators can deliver their thoughts/content without fear of reprisal or attack thanks to the Co-Lab™ ecosystem and the SOS Advisors who both guide and protect them.

SOS not only provides defense, but guides adversity to examine the roots of both their difference and their method of expression and confrontation.

SOS is a new career opportunity...
...with agents involved in the latest ideas and vision for your industry.

All in Support of the ‘Good Algorithm’

This allows the Lay Faithful to use Teams to expand their outreach
and be fully supported,
so they will not be attacked from the podium.

Click to see how the Principles of Commerce Building in Action
will be used by a Seasoned Priest in Uganda - read A Dream Awakened

For example, our work with the Awach Parish in Uganda illustrates an opportunity to create Entrepreneurial Teams through church guidance to institute cultural empowerment and implement responsible social capitalism. This pilot project will initially focus on developing agriculture as the foundation for quality of life and economic stability through the development of responsible commerce.

Our dream is to make Awach a model community that remains rooted in practical spirituality.

The blending and expanding of the church (the center of the community) to become a focal point for commerce strengthens community solidarity by partnering with local business and nonprofits and by sharing their resources (solidarity in action).

Rather than separating the church from the business (the business of agriculture) and the from the development of the land, the church will position itself as a focal point for community solidarity.

This innovative, spiritually driven process allows for the blending of university research (demonstration of precision agriculture & animal husbandry), capitalism for land use optimization and purposeful individual investment of effort/commitment.

Those who adopt and implement the Entrepreneurial Mindset are able to create new opportunities by identifying problems (agriculture), then researching and developing solutions. They attract Social Capitalism through the integration of research that evaluates and documents methods of improving commerce (agriculture) as the foundation for expanding business on a local, national and international level.

Under the principles of Social Capitalism, profitability exists for the return of investment capital and the reinvestment of profit, rather than the accumulation of wealth. The principle of tithing is deeply rooted in social capitalism.

People Engagement
Of the People – By the People – For the People

We begin by partnering with the people to define the real problem through their perspective; not as an outsider looking in; but through the state of discovery that occurs when people on the inside say, “I got it. I understand!”

Adaptive Intelligence™ (AdI™)
Personal Power Behavior Wheel

The people need to understand the real problem, then they have to be part of defining what the solution will look like. Rather than an outside expert deciding what the answer is, the people must decide what their desired outcome will look like and agree on the possible answers (choices).

The people have to see their choices and to decide which ones are best for them. “Those are the choices that we want.” The implementation, choosing the solution from the multiple answers has to come from the people, never from an authority choosing for them, always from the people selecting and choosing.

The first and most important step in cultural development is not just education, but it’s the application of choices, where people begin to create the experience. We must teach them how, but teaching them how is meaningless unless they do it and experience it.

Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc)

Making The People Part of the Solution

We apply principles of democracy by making people of all generations part of the solution. This is called an engagement decision because we engage others in the decision-making process. Once you have engaged people in the decision the next step is to engage them in the learning process so they will learn about the solution as they are applying it. As an example, when somebody comes in for their annual physical it is an ideal time to teach them about preventative health measures. This is called Engagement Learning.

Engagement Learning

We must have Engagement Learning so that as people are learning they are doing something tangible concurrently.

This frames the lesson and demonstrates its value as well as boosts retention. The Co-Lab™ Research Institute process has a history of successful application in this manner.

Generational Engagement

We cannot change just one generation; they must all be changed at the same time. If only one generation changes, both the older and younger ones will still not see them in that new way, and we will all fail. We will end up managing each age group individually.

We have to guide each of the age groups to manage themselves in a universal change. Each age group must be dealt with separately, to help them understand what the other age group is doing, what their challenges are and how to act as their complements.

When the people look at their elderly in pride, so they can listen and hear what elders have to say, then we can begin to pass wisdom, not just smarts and intelligence, but wisdom. That is cross generational education.

We bring all people together as interdependent units. Thus, creating self-funding, self-perpetuating and self-regulating teams, rooted in a generational balance, and trained to work together.

In learning to work together at all levels (families, churches, employees, supervisors, leaders) we learn the principles of Followship-Leadership™. Using this foundation, teams are empowered to move from control and immaturity to a state of Shared-Authority, Shared-Responsibility and Shared-Accountability.

A Breakthrough in Publishing Technology

AwareComm® developed a new
Tele-Collaboration Platform known as a Pocket Wisdom Insights (PWI) Pocket that includes an
eModular Adaptive Resource” or E.A.R. – now available in the Microsoft Store.

With the click of a button, people have access to resources that deliver a non-partisan publishing system supported by people who are committed to building communities of Solidarity, Commerce and Spirituality.

Each Co-Lab™ Research Institute is an interdependent member of a global community sharing insight while still focusing on all the dimensions of the local challenges. Results are documented, shared and developed through a new form of interactive eModular app (eMods™).

Click to learn more about how Application eMods™ and ePublishing
will be used by a Seasoned Priest in Uganda - read A Dream Awakened

Attracting Research Sponsors

The Co-Lab™ Research Institute programs are supported by community service providers through an advanced implementation of Tele-Business and through participating community sponsors:

  • Employment – Re-Employment Teams Online-Offline Training (companies in expansion)
  • Healthcare – Doctor-Patient AdI™ Medical Network (online physicians)
  • Education – AdI™ Home School: – Online Distance Learning (PLT)
  • Financial – Create Assets: Prudential Insurance (online company)
  • Travel –Culture Intelligence Nat Geo: Int Living (travel agents)
  • Legal – Constitution: Hillsdale Online College (online attorneys)
  • Legacy – Senior Wisdom (Applied Knowledge Transfer™)

When it comes to change, we have two choices:

  • Evolution: The Natural Very Slow Process of Change and Growth or Death
  • Revolution: The Creation of Power, Control, Deceive, Divide and Conquer

A group of Microsoft Data Scientists packaged the research with tested and proven solutions into methodology that is fully compatible with parallel solutions yet maintaining its unique dimensions of qualifying as a Powerful Disruptive Advancement into Microsoft Teams. A breakthrough methodology emerged:

See how you compare to others

Why We are Different
Making the Problem Part of the Solution

The implementation of this project is guided by the latest AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ technology and supported by the 430,000 member Microsoft Partner Network in partnership with the community Co-Lab™ Research Institute team and community churches.

Every community partnership will require at least one participating church. Within these community partnerships, the role of spiritual leaders (priests, ministers) will not be to preach/quote scripture. Instead, they are to remind people of spiritual principles, to tell stories about them (parables) and to validate the principles through scripture.

Why do we pick churches? Why do we use religious organizations as the doorway to introduce these principles? Traditionally, churches have acted as shepherds for their communities and now more than ever people need principle-based spiritual leadership.

AwareComm® is looking for organizations and individuals seeking to reverse the dismantling of our nation by working to reunite communities with their respective centers for spiritual guidance and to empower those centers to lead their communities in the adoption and implementation of spiritual principles.

Churches will be able to go to businesses and social organizations in their communities that are foundering from the COVID-19 Fear Residue.

COVID-19 Fear Residue – An Invisible Foe

Measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have created a new and unprecedented level of social control. This level of social control prevents the possibility of acceptable resistance and leaves an individual without a choice and with consequences of social rejection. The result of this social conditioning is the creation of fear (rejection), hurt (illusion), blame (others are responsible) and anger (demanding others fix it). This emotion remains “bottled up” and is often expressed irresponsibly to family members, fellow workers   and customers. The results are measurable on the bottom line of every organization and are a combination of offensive to others and embarrassing for you.

Through a careful blend of AI + BI + HI + SI the Co-Lab™ Research Institute has the correct balance of technology, methodology, human understanding, spiritual principles and data science to put us on the right track to individual, social and cultural empowerment.

Data Science

Click to read: Data Science and Beyond to learn how a group of crack Microsoft Partners joined together to raise the application of AI + BI to its highest level of social responsibility.

AwareComm® (the lead Microsoft Partner) offers a FREE Culture Valuation, a unique and non-invasive test using a non-confrontational approach to identify the depth and breadth of the social unrest infecting the workplace as a result of the COVID-19 Fear Residue.

If test results uncover a problem, and can quantify the cost of the problem in dollars and cents,
then we can evaluate application of low-cost solutions that, once implemented, become:

  • Self-Funding
  • Self-Perpetuating
  • Self-Regulating

See Data Science and Beyond with AdI™ in Action

To build an employee empowered culture requires adopting and implementing Cultural Empowerment.

Special AdI™ apps provide the necessary guidance and monitoring to lead each employee through a process that supports both learning and application of key thinking processes to raise Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™).

This empowers churches to embed spiritual principles into common business practices without preaching or pontificating scripture… and yet instilling the depth of the Christian spiritual message of solidarity.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Click to read
Tools and Weapons
Publisher's Summary

As the senior lead developer of the AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ technology breakthrough, I am now assembling an advisory board to guide in the organizational development of a socially responsible "for-profit" organization to introduce, grow and manage this powerful technology.

To learn more about the Co-Lab™ Research Institute breakthrough blend of technology, methodology and spirituality, packaged with Adaptive Intelligence™ (AdI™) we would like to invite you to a Teams 20/20 Meeting to discuss and explore this exciting perspective for tomorrow.

Click to read
A Dream Awakened

Discussions include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • The American Dream – Gone for Millennials by Repeating our Past
    • The Bad News is: This Problem is Now Everybody's Problem
    • The Good News is: There is a Solution to This Problem
    • The Best New is: The Solution is Available Today
    • Available From: Credentials of Success (Heroes)
  • Uganda – A Due Diligence Perspective: Reversing Social Conditioning Using Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™)

Available Opportunities

These topics and more are discussed daily in the Co-Lab™ Research Institutes.

See the Topics of Interest graphic below to examine more opportunities for development.


Capt. Richard… and My Mentors

Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc) – CEO, AwareComm®
Social Entrepreneur Supporting Responsible Social Capitalism
Awareness Communication Technology, LLC

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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • 1. Disrupt tradition
  • 2. Deceive the public
  • 3. Divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


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What is a Modern Hero?:

We invite Heroes and Visionaries
to explore accessing these powerful methodologies and resources
to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
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