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COVID-19 Cure?

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Opening Insights: Avoiding Treatment

America will not be destroyed from the outside.
If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

The following video was posted on on December 8, 2020 by News NOW from Fox. In the video, "Pierre Kory, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Luke's Aurora Medical Center, delivers passionate testimony during the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on 'Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution, Part II.'"

Informational Insights: Ivermectin

This video originally appeared on and was posted by News NOW from Fox: "I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS": Doctor pleads for review of data during COVID-19 Senate hearing

Possibilities for Consideration: Last Updated August 27, 2020

On the NIH site, the following line of text appears just below the word, Ivermectin: "Last Updated: August 27, 2020."

Dr. Kory suggests there are mountains of data that support the effectiveness of Ivermectin as a treatment for early COVID-19 patients and as a preventative measure for healthcare workers. So why hasn't this NIH study been updated since August 2020?

If it works, then why aren't we using it?

There is a big push for adoption of an unproven vaccine that could potentially sterilize you (and who knows what else... it's unproven, untested), but a proven anti-viral treatment with an excellent safety record is pushed under the rug so nobody knows about it, or can get access to it.

How interesting. Isn't it fascinating that the media at large is not covering, nor investigating COVID-19 treatments that would be in competition with the new vaccine currently being pushed on us?

Individuals in the comments section of a related Ivermectin video on by Dr. John Campbell posted the following comments:

Ann Raybon: I posted a link to Ivermectin and asked why we are not using this on Facebook and they deleted it and blocked me for 24 hours...

Larry Milligan: Ivermectin has been part of the treatment regimen here in Broward County in South Florida for at least the past 7 months and it does help a lot.

TubeBrasil: Doctors all over Brazil, including elite hospitals, are using ivermectin with much success.

F M: Ivermectin will never be approved because drug companies can't make any money off of it.

Here are a few more interesting headlines:

What do you think?

If something is proven to cure the "crisis" facing the world and eliminate the reason why millions of people are losing their lives and their livelihoods, entering into social isolation and allowing fear to cause them to hand over all their freedom to their governing bodies...

...then why aren't we using it?

The only reasonable conclusion is, those who stand to benefit from the global COVID-19 crisis don't want the problem fixed and will do anything (including killing off a large percentage of the global population) in order to ensure their choke-hold on the people remains in place.

Do You Want this Problem Fixed?

[UPDATE 2021/02/10]

Covid-19 Cure Blocked

Click to read an article by renowned conservative author and radio host Dennis Prager detailing a personal account of the effectiveness of Ivermectin and the dark actions taken by the CDC and NIH to prevent Americans from using it to save their lives.

International Tribunal for Natural Justice Probes Genocide by Vaccination

Click to watch a series of videos from the International Tribunal for Natural Justice that includes the testimony of Dr. Young that discusses the state of international healthcare and an organized movement to use vaccines to reduce the planet's population by 3 billion, starting with Africa.

Life-Saving Insulin Costs Go Up 1200% Under Biden Regime

Click to watch a gab video post by a furious mother who describes the tip of the iceberg of the horrifying destruction to come under America's new socialist regime under Joe Biden.

"Don't cry for me. I want you to get angry."

A Faith-Based, Catholic Resource is Destroyed

Click to read about how YouTube banned LifeSiteNews for posting videos that didn't match the current COVID-19 narrative being pushed by big tech and the disinformation media.

Coming Soon – Economic Crash

Click to learn more about the direction U.S. economy is pointed. If nothing changes, the collapse is predicted to happen mid-2021.

To ensure this plan is not interrupted, the destruction of money, all money, through global inflation is now imminent. It's not just Americans that will lose everything, it's everyone worldwide.

The Death of the Dollar

Click to read about global market shifts and about how inflation is increasing. Can you say, "hyperinflation?"

At some point, we have to quit talking about the problem and do something about it. A group of top Microsoft Data Scientists have developed a blend of philosophy, sociology and theology (AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™) to address this global agenda of destruction (Agenda 21).

Possibilities for Consideration: A Power Too Great

To stand against the immense power behind the technology, internet and financial organizations in charge of our government, media and education institutions we must get smarter and do it together.

AwareComm® offers a platform that provides the resources and the guidance to meet this challenge.

It’s not just that we need a solution, in this new environment nobody will trust, everybody is angry, nobody listens, commerce stops, efficiency diminishes, nobody cares.

Our culture consists of perception, attitude, thinking and behavior and we have created a culture now rooted in distrust, fear and anger.

The following models illustrate the psychology of fear and control
being used to force America to its knees.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fear-Thinking-Model-1024x640.png

Once people are conditioned emotionally to accept fear as a foundation perception, they become willing candidates to accept the principles of control. Thus, they become slaves to the authority, that being government, propaganda or social media influence.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Control-Wheel-copyright.png

Whatever we do, however we do it, this becomes the basis for how we will build relationships at home, work, worship and play. These models will permeate all dimensions of our lives and must be reversed if our communities and our country are to survive.

The Real Solution: Founded in Spiritual Principles

A real solution, fully developed (tested, proven and paid for), is found in AwareComm's proprietary Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™) algorithm.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Not-Concepts-It-Really-Worked-1024x576.png

The AdI™ algorithm aligns with the intent of Pope Francis's call for a 'Good Algorithm,' to reverse the damage done by the irresponsible use of technology.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AI–BI–HI–SI_AdI-e1598220376822.png

Rebuilding Community Commerce - - Rebuilding the Soul of a Community

AwareComm's AdI™ algorithm is available in a community Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab™) Research and ePublishing Institute, where people learn to take charge of their communities by transcending adversity to diversity and solidarity through the application of responsible commerce. Success is assured by applying the principles of Adaptive Intelligence to entrepreneurial thinking using socially responsible capitalism.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Adversity-Commerce-Community-circled-1024x576.png

What comes from an established foundation of commerce rooted in spiritual principles and AdI™ is a new business model. This business model, for the application of Socially Responsible Capitalism, is our theme and driving inspiration.

A Co-Lab™ is the implementation mechanism of the result of 30+ years of field research.

Co-Labs™ create an environment conducive to learning, solidarity and change (old ideas are more quickly learned and new ideas are more quickly accepted and implemented).

Our Next Step

The AwareComm® Team is attracting partners in order to awaken in the people a desire for peace and solidarity as a way to fulfill their personal needs.

Through a careful blend of AI + BI + HI + SI the Co-Lab™ Research Institute has the correct balance of technology, methodology, human understanding, spiritual principles and data science to put us on the right track to individual social and cultural empowerment.

Due Diligence classes offer a deeper dive into the Co-Lab™ Research and ePublishing Institute to determine if this philosophy is effective for your community. You will learn:

  • The logical power of the AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ algorithm for communication and learning
  • The communication power of Co-Lab™ Research and ePublishing Institute to provide secure:
    • self-funding
    • self-perpetuating
    • self-regulating networks
  • The commerce power of Socially Responsible Capitalism, blending nonprofit and commercial applications
  • The application of Social Partnerships, bringing ethical business principles to overcome social challenges
  • The joy, satisfaction and pride of taking a role in returning our world to a state of freedom and opportunity - being proud to be a patriot
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Building-Interdependent-Communities-1024x576.png

Inviting Potential Partners

For more information
and to receive your invitation to a Due Diligence class

eMod SocraticQ Conversation

Every Perspective Counts
Contribute Your Thoughts to Empower Our World
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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • deceive the public
  • disrupt tradition
  • divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


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What is a Modern Hero?:


We invite Heroes and Visionaries
to explore accessing these powerful methodologies and resources
to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
Contribute Your Thoughts to Empower Our World
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