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Once Upon a Time

Thirty years ago, at the height of a successful career as a high-tech entrepreneur (process control, intelligent software and financial modeling), I had a near-death experience that resulted in a major attitude adjustment. I came back with a deep knowing that I wasn’t done yet and recognized I had a higher purpose and contribution to make to humanity.

I was left with a DEEP AWARENESS of today’s social-cultural, community and global challenges and GREAT INSIGHT of not just what needed to be done to solve these challenges, but HOW I could use my technology background to design a solution that would empower, transform and revitalize individuals, organizations and humanity. It was from this life-changing experience that I formed Awareness Communication Technology, LLC (AwareComm®), a self-funded research and development company.

Calling upon the wisdom of my mentors, I began my journey.

Following the Footprints of Legacy

AwareComm’s Mentors, Advisors and Influencers

  • Ned Heizer – Father of Venture Capital
  • Earl Armstrong – CFO Stanford Research Institute
  • Roger Krauel –  Superior Court Judge: Ethics and Fairness
  • Fr. Martin – Catholic Priest: Insight to Perception and Creativity
  • Fr. Bill Wilson – Catholic Priest: Insight to Perseverance
  • Jack Gibb – Renowned Author and Developer: Trust, Tori Theory
  • Jim Mulvaney – Chairman of Board/CEO of Chela Financial Group
  • Patty Burke – V.C. Fotomat, Speedy Print, Vitamin Manufacturing
  • Dan Millman – Renowned Author, Publishing with HarperOne and Time Warner, Kramer Publishing
  • Edward Deming – Economist and NASA – Bottom-Up Management
  • Edward Tufte, PhD – Data Science / Analytics / Business Intelligence

Business Development History

  • First IBM System 360 Team (ASP) Manufacturing Control Systems
  • First DEC OEM Mini-Computer (PDP 8) National Beverage Distribution
  • First AI Software Generator (J-Ware) Magazine Distribution and Analysis
  • First Developer of Integrated AI SocraticQ™ Conversation/Questioning
  • First Financial Modeling System (Profit II) – Global Analytic Solutions
  • First PLT Relational Behavioral Modeling Application (Princeton)
  • First Symbolistics Application of Multiple Intelligences (Harvard)

AwareComm® is dedicated to intelligent sentience for lasting change.  We establish sound business partnerships to create scalable computer-based solutions that solve internal human challenges in a way that provides social-cultural empowerment and intelligent sentience, thus benefiting private enterprise, social organizations and the cultural environment as a whole:

  • Transformational Learning – Un-learning and Re-learning
    • Addiction Recovery
    • Maturity Skills Re-Training
    • Social and Rehabilitation Methodology
  • Content Re-purposing – Model, Story, Assess/Apply
  • Interactive Feedback – Socratic Cultural Influence
  • Spiritual Awareness Development – Creative Expression
  • Social Cultural Contribution – Followship/Leadership Mentoring
  • Human Intelligence (HI) Analytics – Measures Individual/Collective Comparative Sentience

My name is Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc).  I am a seasoned software developer with multi-gold status as a certified Microsoft Partner.  As the CEO of AwareComm, I guided the integration of Technology + Methodology + Human Understanding + Data Science to work in unison as a single platform called a Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab™).

© Copyright 2019 AwareComm®, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

A Proven Platform

The Co-Lab Platform is a technology-rich framework for growing healthy organizations and communities. It is packaged as a true eco-system – PPPPPPaaP (social enterprise business model) that empowers people and organizations with: Principles Process Publishing People Power in a Platform as a (Strategic) Partnership.

The Co-Lab Platform development is complete – it’s fully paid-for and integrated as a parallel platform within the Microsoft Office 365 Platform for global distribution.  The estimated value of the assets based on lines of code is in excess of $ 5oo million.

My current interests are in developing community-oriented business entities (Co-Lab™ Institutes) to manage and direct the development and implementation of Co-Labs for target purposes:

  • Publishing for management
  • Providers for distribution
  • Seed Funding to get it going

Co-Lab™ Community Institutes Implement A Proven Model

The Co-Lab Platform has the power and intelligence to neutralize social cultural challenges and reinstate trust-based cultures that embrace diversity. It provides intelligent insight to the community through a process that allows adversity to fuel diversity through social enterprise and structured collaboration – building a stronger foundation of commerce and more effective businesses and communities.

Businessmen and social entrepreneurs who are interested in exploring the unlimited applications of this Co-LabPlatform are invited to a series of Due Diligence Meetings to join with me in establishing a global network of distributed TRUTH.

Re-instating Social Cultural Responsibility with the Power of Heritage

Heeding the wise words of Steven Covey, let’s begin with the end in mind... our focus: Personal Privacy with Social Solidarity.

Solidarity is an awareness of shared interests, objectives, standards and sympathies created as a result of instilling a psychological sense of unity in groups or classes. It refers to the ties in a society that bind people together as one. Solidarity is one the foundational pillars of spiritual / religion evolution.  This quality is mandatory as we develop responsible and effective TEAMS.

What happened to our Solidarity?

Solidarity and our culture:

  • Solidarity is not a choice
  • Solidarity is not an option
  • Solidarity is not a philosophy
  • Solidarity is not a social concept

Privacy with solidarity is the KEY to the survival of humanity.  Solidarity is based on proven principles of life:

  • Taking care of each other is how we take care of ourselves
  • Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link
  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  • United we stand and divided we fall

With these principles, we have maintained our freedom as a society.

Without these principles, we will lose our freedom.

We are losing the backbone of our nation’s communication system.  The system that was given and accepted the responsibility of integrity as a people and as a civilization. We have lost the message that carries the vision that pulls us all together and toward the goal of our society.

People will not listen to a message by itself, they must have it delivered by another person. The Bible for instance has little power by itself, but when delivered by a minister it repeatedly changed the course of nations. We all need a shepherd to help us understand the message, accept it, and put into practice.

The younger generations were taught to not accept the message from another person and to not trust other people. They were conditioned to be that way. They will not look to others for answers, nor will they be interested in accessing others’ wisdom. Because learning from others doesn’t happen, many preventable mistakes are made. Because people are no longer taught how to learn, they make the same mistakes over and over again.

If younger generations won’t listen to other people and can’t learn, then how do they get anything accomplished?

Answer: the internet. Anyone from the millennial generation forward can pick up their smartphone and find the answer to their question in seconds. They don’t need (or want) someone to teach them – they find their answers on their own.

Younger generations are conditioned to accept and trust the information on the internet and will look to it to guide life decisions. The trouble is, because what was found on the internet is free, it isn’t valued. Because the free information isn’t valued, they don’t remember it. Because they don’t remember it, they never add their wisdom from experience to it to be shared with others. Because they never acquire wisdom (learning) in the first place, they never pass it on to another.

A dependency is created by this cycle of: need info, look it up, find it, forget it, move on with life until it’s needed again. What’s even worse than the creation of the dependency, is the loss of the ability to learn. Younger generations can’t learn from each other and because the information they need is readily accessible and free they don’t need to learn it, because it’s always accessible on command, as-needed.

man in black suit banging his head on wall

What do we need to learn?

The millennial generation, and those following, were taught to memorize the answer. The internet provides the answer on demand, so as a result, the necessity to learn how to remember is lost.

What happens when the internet goes down? What happens when the information on the internet is manipulated by those with an agenda? Will the younger generations know they’re being duped? Do they know what they’ve lost? Do they know how to get it back again?

Well, if they don’t know what was lost, then how could they care that they lost it – and if they don’t care, then why would they do anything to get it back?

If nothing changes, the younger generations will continue developing into exaggerated versions of the previous generation.

  • Dependency will increase
  • The ability to think and learn will continue to be lost
  • Trust in others and acceptance of their wisdom will continue to disappear

What places human beings at the top of the food chain is our interdependence and collective strength. Together we can, and do, overcome every obstacle that crosses our path. What happens to us as a species when we forget the solidarity that make us strong? If we have no challenges to overcome, no discoveries to make, no new horizons to explore, then why even bother getting out of bed?

An open and freely accessible source of limitless information is a powerful tool, but will our growing dependency on it and increasing distrust in each other be our undoing?

Wait and see.


Take charge and do something about it.

You don’t know what to do? That’s great! Making a list of the things you are not aware of is the first step on the pathway to attaining wisdom and resiliency. The important question to ask is, “Do I want to do something about it?”

If you want to learn how to take charge of our future and reverse the dumbing down of the human race, continue reading.

How Did We Get Here?

Publishing – The History of discovering technology… to being eaten by technology

  • Printing press – Opened the door to mass written communication of newspapers and books.
  • PDF – Created the ability to convert digital content to printable content from any computer
  • Web pages – Created the first digital publishing FREE on the internet on any browser
  • Internet Search – Created FREE access to all content on the internet while collecting personal data
  • Kindle – Created the first digital publishing that was device dependent while collecting personal data
  • Nook – Created the first digital publishing that was device independent while collecting personal data
  • Internet Social Media – Created FREE community locations while collecting personal data
  • Advertising uses this personal date to motivate sales and political agenda without our knowing it

We Continued to Be Deceived and Divided

The Ethical Use of Technology

Discover questions of the ethical use of technology in Microsoft president Brad Smith and author Carol Ann Browne’s new book, Tools and Weapons. Excerpt taken from the Penguin Random House webpage promoting Tools and Weapons by Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne (link).

Microsoft President Brad Smith operates by a simple core belief: When your technology changes the world, you bear a responsibility to help address the world you have helped create.

This might seem uncontroversial, but it flies in the face of a tech sector long obsessed with rapid growth and sometimes on disruption as an end in itself. While sweeping digital transformation holds great promise, we have reached an inflection point.

The world has turned information technology into both a powerful tool and a formidable weapon, and new approaches are needed to manage an era defined by even more powerful inventions like artificial intelligence.

Thought, Thinking and…

Perhaps we do not give enough attention to the importance of Thought, Thinking and…

  • Thought is the awareness of a perception (an existing thought or “An Original Thought”
  • Thinking is the process of examining the thought and deciding if it is only a truth, or part of The Truth

This process of thought and thinking has been a key part of man’s evolution of civilization.

                      Jesus Christ

                                  The Disciples


We all have thoughts that just POP into our heads.

  • Unique
  • Important
  • Impactful to others

However, many of these thoughts are…

  • Dismissed
  • Misunderstood
  • Lost in the digital world

What is often missing is the foundation of communication:

  • Interest – Solving Challenges
  • Information – Determining Reality
  • Imagination – Describing Possibilities
  • Invitation to Explore – How to Learn More
  • Investigation to learn why – To See If It Makes Cents

What if there was a LABORATORY to transform your thoughts into a clear picture that people could hear and see to invoke a process of COLLABORATION for all stakeholders?

Such a place exists! It’s called a Co-Lab™ and it is available as an external, parallel strategic partnership for the improvement of any community, business or social organization.

A group of top Social Data Scientists banded together under the guidance of a senior Multi-Gold Certified Microsoft Research and Development partner (AwareComm®) to form a new dimension of Teamwork for the purpose of building Sentience Driven Communities Committed to Solidarity.

Remember, the concept was to find a way to take tested and proven methodologies from our heritage and package them into technology in a way that would make them both transferable and scalable.  To maintain the integrity of the intent of the platform, the program will not be sold for profit, nor will it be given away free and used by others for profit.

The purpose of the platform (the betterment of mankind and the development of civilization) will only be offered as a strategic partnership through a non-profit institute whereby the overall result will be a Self-Funding, Self-Perpetuating and Self-Regulating organization.  Its mission is to promote and evolve the application of foundation principles that have been passed down to man for the purpose of his evolution.

PWI Collaborative Publishing– The first true integrated learning technology that brought together Multiple Learning Methodologies (Harvard – Gardner), Dynamic Relational Models (Princeton – P. Johnson-Laird,), Stanford (The Human Experiment) and much more.

  • Dynamic Relational Models – Present the relationships between the elements of a situation and/or problem
  • Storytelling / Videos – Present practical examples of the principles used in solving the problem
  • Socratic Conversation – Create a practical experience in using the proven principles
  • Machine Learning AI/HI – Collecting Sentience Information explaining “Why”
  • Sentience Analytics – Categorizing Sentience into Data Science Format
  • Sentience Feedback – Providing Comparative Feedback that displays both private and confidential personal disclosure with comparative insight with the current “Cultural Collective” of the community.

Driven by investigative journalists who follow a story from identification to a planned solution to a successful implementation, journalism returns to its rightful place of accountability and recognition for social contribution using the PWI Content Integration Guide.

Audience Created App-Ons – allow readers of eMod Apps to add their insight into the numerous applications of the basic concepts introduced by the author in foundational eMods.  Plagiarism is gone, recognition reigns and the content creator / source is valued and remembered.

  • Content Integration Guide – To guide a training content creator to integrate foundation thinking principles to provide the student the skills to identify unforeseen problems and develop their own creative solutions for solving specific skill challenges as well as practical answers for just living life
  • Parallel Education (cross generational) – Getting two bangs for the buck by activating multiple learning process concurrently

We have tried all of this before and nothing changed!
How are you different?

We Know the Solution – the Question is HOW to Implement it?
(Flow is The Methodology)

Our solution begins with an architecture. What if there was an architecture in which we could enter a space of principles in which the NEW NORMAL would be:

  • Honesty – The Truth, not a truth
  • Selflessness – Consider Impact on others
  • Openness of Intention – Begin with the end in mind
  • Reality (Rooted in Trust/Love) based on practical principles of:
    1. Attention See and hear what is really happening
    2. Respect – Void of judgment based on personal considerations
    3. Value – Based on the intrinsic proprieties and the characteristics of its presence
  • Confirmation and validation of the outcome and alignment with the anticipated results

(…by some this is known as The Sermon on The Mountain)

We developed a methodology to assist people in coming together and learning HOW to strengthen solidarity with new:

1. Perceptions that accurately see the real problem

2. Thinking that allows us to:

  • Define Problems that involve ALL STAKEHOLDERS
  • Define Creative Answers that consider ALL STAKEHOLDERS
  • Develop Solutions that benefit ALL Effected STAKEHOLDERS
  • Plan to Evaluate ALL the Results that effect ALL STAKEHOLDERS
  • Build in Resources to include ALL feedback from Stakeholders to further improve future outcomes

3. Communication that is designed to hear with an E.A.R. to:

  • Attract Interest of the audience
  • Provide Information that backs up the original claims
  • Activates Imagination to open the door to possibilities
  • Open the door with an Invitation to participate and contribute
  • Expands the communication with an Investigation as to why the individual responded as they did

4. Socratic Assessment – Collect, Measure and Evaluate the outcome based on definable results AND the sentience driving the change:

  • Provide comparative results of individuals to them and to the collective cultural environment (culture) for self-evaluation and consideration for personal change and growth
  • Provide Leadership the insight to understand the cause of both change and resistance to provide fulfilling elements to the environment to attain a higher level of professional and emotional commitment.

All This Implemented in A Computer Based Platform…

Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab™)

Cultural Insight, Wisdom and Power

The Co-Lab Institute:

  • Creates power through Business Partnerships that bring perspectives and connections
  • Creates technology wisdom with AwareComm® Advisory Data Science Consulting

The Institute and its Collaborating Publishing Platform is called a Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab) and begins with an “App-ortunity App”. 

The App-ortunity App (Custom-tailored to your Audience) begins by introducing a new dimension of collaboration to the community through organization leaders.  This helps organization leaders to:

Build a Better Organization Culture (Employee-Owned, Responsible and Mature Cultures)

  • Explore the Choice with a Due Diligence Evaluation Process to explore, implement and evaluate the power and effectiveness of a principle-based trust reality for each participating organization
  • Understand – How to separate the recognition of A THOUGHT (new idea) from the THINKING (the application) process and clearly seeing the reason for the results
  • Reality – Accepting the consequences of decisions and actions and wanting to become a better person
  • Support – Having a guide to keep focused on the objective and not get lost in the finite (Win the war and not the battle)
  • Teach (What we need to learn) by using advanced knowledge transfer found in PWI Mentoring
  • Re-Evaluate the outcome to determine if there are even better methodologies that can improve the outcome
  • Commitment to Do It Again even better!

Build a Better Organization/Company

Build a Better Community with a Culture of Solidarity

Community Development With: Passion – Purpose – Power – Wisdom

  • Community Goals – Providing the tools for visionaries to strengthen and move a community forward
  • Business Strategy – Providing the coordination of resources to more efficiently increase opportunity
  • Social Acceptance – Transcend the focus of the people from Problems to Answer to Implement the answer as a solution with the support of all stakeholders

Global Partnerships Ensure the Real Power for Making It Happen

  • Social Capital – Committed to SEED not FEED
  • Publishing Partners – To provide leadership and wisdom
  • Microsoft Partners – To provide continued technology of breakthrough resources
  • Collaboration Laboratory Institute Community Providers committed to cultural social responsibility

Business Partnerships Ensure the Financial Power to Keep It Happening for Humanity

After the Seed Money (Seed not Feed)

Self-Funding – Self-Perpetuating – Self-Regulating

The money to pay the bills and provide a continuous supply of fuel (and pay back the seed money) is accomplished by local businesses who benefit from the Co-Lab.

The greatest costs for businesses are:

  • Getting new customers (Marketing first and then Sales)
  • Keeping old customers (Customer Care)
  • Getting good employees (Attracting)
  • Keeping good employees (Training)

So, Let’s Take Care of Business

To build better communities we must build better businesses. The Co-Lab™ offers a unique (old fashioned) business strategy.  Rather than selling (by the use of digital battering reminders) Co-Labs offer a strong marketing approach.  A new media app called an Employee Assistance Resource (E.A.R.) enables community business sponsors to:

  • Inform the community of the plans for improvement
  • The specific action being taken and the goal
  • The results and benefits to the community

This opens the door to brand recognition and valuation (a company’s biggest asset) by:

  • Meeting real challenges
  • Building evidence-based trust
  • Community contribution recognition
  • Including personal participation recognition

In doing so, the E.A.R. becomes The Channel of Communication for the community.

Intelligent Questions Provide Intelligent Data and Intelligent Insight

By using the powerful insight of Socrates, a unique method of Socratic Conversation was translated into a process that supports people to be able to effectively identify problems, with alternative choices for answers and a plan for implementing the answers as true and effective solutions.

Driven by Publishing insight and Collaborative Journalists, media directs Topics of Interest to E.A.R. sponsors whose focus is on recognizing the contribution (not selling), thus a deep feeling of loyalty is fostered.

Last and most important…

The Proof is Found Only in the End Results

The processes and methodologies integrated into the Co-Lab are scientifically reviewed, approved and monitored by the highest degree of integrity through the Microsoft Azure Private Cloud.  Within the Co-Lab System, data collected is both:

  • Sentiment – What the response is
  • Sentience – Why the response was made

All activity is monitored, measured and understood from the perspective of being human without violating personal privacy

Personal information is ONLY used to provide personal feedback to individuals as part of a comparative feedback system for individual decision making about personal matters.

Human Intelligence

With an Intelligent Feedback Loop

This new degree of human understanding enables all stakeholders to become more aware of individual values, beliefs, decisions, actions (responsibility), and results (accountability) that results in re-establishing a pleasant, rewarding and mutually beneficial human experience.  A built-in reward system encourages a philosophy of “more is better.”

The Power of Culture

A major key to the unique power of this methodology is measuring and understanding the full meaning of POWER.  Each person is guided by two factors: Individual Influence and Collective Influence.

Click to Watch

Shared Authority – Personal Responsibility – Personal Accountability

Each person engaged is fully aware of their actions and the impact of their actions:

  • Individual perspective, thinking and communication is unavoidably clear
  • Peer (the culture) perspective, thinking and communication is unavoidably clear
  • When people see what is right then they can recognize what is wrong and it becomes unavoidably clear that they must change it

Management is fully aware of the results and can better direct time, energy and resources for the optimum employee support and the optimum customer experience.

We Get Started with a Due Diligence Process

Evaluating the Reality of Social Partnerships

STEP 1: Download the App-ortunity App from the Microsoft Store

  • Evaluate your Organization Culture with the App-ortunity App
    • Identify the Employee Training Savings
    • Identify the Marketing and Advertising Savings
    • Identify the Customer Care improvement for Developing a “Customer Culture”
    • Identify the Implications of Solving Problems (yesterday’s solution is today’s problem)
  • Enroll in a Co-Lab Due Diligence Business Advisor Strategy Meeting with your Co-Lab™ Sponsor
  • Apply for a $ 10,000 Partner Grant to Receive access to the Community Business Strategy Plan and Starter Advisory Services
  • Engage a Strategy Planning Meeting with YOUR Partners for a Pilot Co-Lab Desktop App 

STEP 2: Upon successfully building your committed team, we will establish a Strategic Partnership to Provide a new gateway to strengthen your organization in a way that you will become…

                       YOUR COMMUNITY AND TO MANKIND.

Let’s Explore the Possibilities

Together, we explore the opportunities of establishing For-Profit Organizations called Co-Lab Institutes that sponsor Not-for-Profit Community Co-Labs that support communication through a Collaborative Journalism Publishing Resource
Identifies Challenges – Organizes Answers – Promotes the Solution
in a way that  
EMPOWERS the People,
ENCOURAGES Solidarity and

A Goal Worth Achieving

Unleashing Power

Join Our Co-Lab Team
430,000 Microsoft Partners

Click to Enlarge

A Team that Assures Success

We are a unique answer to today’s economic, social and spiritual challenges.

It’s not just because we have the latest and most powerful technology in the world…
because we do!

It’s not just because we possess profound intellectual insights…
because we do!

It is a unique solution for today’s economic, social and spiritual challenges because…

…we have developed a new pathway to human intelligence (emotional maturity, critical thinking skills and awareness of perspective) by transcending machine learning directly to HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.

We have an eco-system that can:

  • gather human insight from human experiences
  • transfer the insights from those experiences in a different way so they can be learned
  • measure the results without creating skewed and misleading data


  • provide individual, personalized and confidential intelligent feedback to give each and every person the insight and clarity to see the impact of their decisions and actions, then decide for themselves what they want to change and change what they need to change with the support they need to make the change a reality

The Bottom Line

What you will experience in the Due Diligence Business Meeting is truly vital to civilization and to mankind. The technology is of the latest advancements and the methodology is rooted in field proven practices and verified by hundreds of thousands of events.

What is new is the APPLICATION of blending of technology and methodology in a way that supports and EMPOWERS the development of Human Intelligence using the foundation of spirituality to gain the ability to teach people how to see ALL their choices and the Free Will to:

  • Decide what is right for the person
  • Courage based on clarity and conviction to achieve the goal
  • Let-Go of what no longer works
  • Trust Self and the process of life
  • Accept truth as part of the process
  • Discover new insight to learn and grow

What you will experience in a Collaboration Laboratory Due Diligence Meeting is how all of this begins with YOUR ORGANIZATION… because it really all begins with you.

Let’s do business together!

Collaboration Laboratory Due Diligence
A Breakthrough in Business Strategy

It’s Got To Make Cents

A New Dimension of Leadership
Interdependent Partnerships
Welcome Aboard

The Place
The Midnight Sun

The Culture
The Wolfpack Crew

The Legacy
A Seasoned Sea Captain

Capt. Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc)
Linked-In Credentials
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Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc) – CEO, AwareComm®
Social Entrepreneur Supporting Social-Cultural Responsibility
Developing and Empowering our Culture Co-Lab™ App-Ortunities (App)

Every Perspective Counts
Contribute Your Thoughts
Empower Our World

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Every Perspective Counts
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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • 1. Disrupt tradition
  • 2. Deceive the public
  • 3. Divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


Distraction Junction


What is a Modern Hero?:

We invite Heroes and Visionaries
to explore accessing these powerful methodologies and resources
to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
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