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Reaching Visionary Leaders with Tools for Change

The calling of a CEO is to establish a vision, to be a visionary leader and to assemble a team that is capable and willing to see that vision pursued and attained. Rewards of value are achieved as a result of careful strategy in the pursuit of the vision. To develop an effective strategy, incoming information must be reliable, and the outgoing direction and guidance must be carefully followed. In today’s Shadow Culture of Deceive, Divide and Conquer that careful balance of information is all but impossible to establish.

For CEOs and employees at all levels, there is a symbiotic relationship of equality. Just as CEOs possess tremendous power of influence and structural authority over their employees and connected communities, they are at the mercy of those employees to see the vision they possess for their organization carried forward and implemented.

When CEOs rely upon the filtered input from the chain of command below them, then they are probably not getting all the information they need. The Shadow Culture will distort the reality of their directives and provide reporting based on partial truths and hidden agendas. As a result, CEOs do not recognize the data distortion. Auditing of data only identifies mistakes and deception. What is missing from the audits is the cost of intentions, resistance, control and excessive independence of employees.

It’s beginning to look a little lonely up there at the head of the organization.

Hence the need for data neutrality (unbiased and unskewed data) in the downstream and upstream transmission of information.

The Shadow Culture

Today’s organizations and communities are beset by an invisible foe that AwareComm® has come to describe as the Shadow Culture, an undercurrent of hidden agenda and control characterized by:

  • Deceive – removing The Truth, replacing it with a truth
  • Divide – fanning the flames of adversity, pitting people against each other
  • Conquer – fighting among themselves, people hardly notice when their choices are removed

The real damage done by the Shadow Culture is destruction of leadership and the organization vision. Watch the Kill the Messenger Kill the Solution eMod video to see this phenomenon explained.

The Shadow Culture is quietly, naturally neutralized when confronted by a space of principles, values and common goals. Flip through the AwareComm® at a Glance eBook on the AwareComm® home page to learn more about the Shadow Culture.

It’s clear that visionary leaders have a great need for methods of identifying the destructive elements in their organization as well as a need for the tools to something about them.

Addressing the Shadow Culture

To address the Shadow Culture, AwareComm’s CEO Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc) spent the last 33 years developing a new dimension of technology packaged as a platform for social culturally responsible community development. That platform then became a company, Awareness Communication Technology, LLC. (AwareComm®), that offers a Platform as a Partnership characterized by the following elements:

  • Platform – blend of machine learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI); data science / Business Intelligence (BI); a human understanding (HU) foundation that cultivates and propagates Human Intelligence (HI); and a core of Spiritual Intelligence (SI) that empowers individuals to tap into their inner knowing, strength and creativity:
    • a foundation of HI opens the gateway to critical thinking and creative problem solving
    • individual interpretation of HI is the gateway to Spiritual Intelligence (SI)
  • Learning Methodology that parallels Harvard researcher Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of  Multiple Intelligences and integrates Whole Brain Learning that incorporates (to mention a few):
    • EMDR principles
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • App-based delivery system
  • Publishing System that activates
    Whole Brain Learning through:
    • Dynamic Relational Models (DRM) – based on human understanding (HU) algorithms
    • Applied Knowledge Transfer (AKT)begin with value, then learn it, do it, teach it, keep it
    • Socratic Conversation – storytelling, questioning and thought-activation
    • Data Science – full human intelligence interfaces for data neutrality
  • Data Science and Beyond – generating socially aware and socially responsible data scientists from the people who use the system

AwareComm® delivers a platform that creates maturity and readiness for change. Others can put their programs on top of the platform, and it will expand their capabilities, effectiveness and reach.

What Visionary Leadership Needs

Gaining the tools for change is critical but simply having the tools is not enough. Once leaders gain the power to affect change, how do they know what to change? VPs, directors and managers are the eyes and ears of top leadership, but their perceptions and intentions are distorted by the Shadow Culture.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, change is inevitable. There is no question that change must occur if existing organizations are to survive. Change is a necessary part of life, but it’s not always a simple or easy thing to accomplish. In fact, most organizations know that change is necessary, but they don’t know what should be changed or how to change it. Then, when change inevitably occurs, incredible resistance rises up to meet it and stay its progress.

Each day we witness change:

  • People Change
  • Markets Change
  • Businesses Change
  • Employees Change

How well does your organization adapt to change?

  • Resistance,
  • Defiance,
  • Independence, (or)
  • Flexibility and Adaptability

In a changing world, AwareComm® is a platform to facilitate change. Rather than changing one person at a time, the AwareComm® approach facilitates change in one team at a time. If this idea and the video linked above have got your attention, then a whole ecosystem of related content is available for review. Download the App-ortunities app from the Microsoft Store to discover more tools for change.

Co-LabResearch – Readiness for Change

Surely you have heard the term intelligence quotient, or IQ. It is a manner of measuring intelligence in individuals. Did you know there were other quotients assessed? Emotional intelligence (EQ) and social intelligence (SQ) are two examples. Harvard researcher Dr. Howard Gardner developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences to describe a myriad of areas measured. AwareComm’s approach to facilitating change is to measure and raise the AdI™ or Adaptive Intelligence in collective groups.

AwareComm’s breakthrough in AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ Technology includes an app based facilitated process that measures, assesses and predicts the Adaptability Intelligence, a measurement of AdI™, within organizations and/or teams. When challenges appear on the horizon, AwareComm’s AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ Resources tap into a new and exciting extension of data science, known as Data Science and Beyond, and initiate a path and process to meet and address the resistance while developing Teams of Change without confrontation and authority conflicts.

The first thing AwareComm® does in its initial collaborative effort is to implement a Culture Value-ation Indicator assessment of the target organization or team. A pilot program is implemented to answer:

  1. Is there a problem here, if yes, what is it?
  2. Is it a problem that AwareComm’s Platform as a Partnership can remedy?
  3. What is the AdI™ (readiness and acceptance of change) of the organization?

Depending on the answers, especially the AdI assessment (Culture Value-ation Indicator), AwareComm® may choose to extend an invitation to begin a lasting collaborative effort in which a Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab) research partnership will be established to guide change within the organization. This partnership employs methods which ensure an acceptance of “the new” as well as a suite of tools in which to implement the change.

If the employees are directed to change from a position of compliance, without being personally invested in the change, then the effectiveness or genius of the measure implemented will not matter. It just won’t work! An ongoing application of AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ sentience measurement assesses the level of acceptance versus compliance and the areas in which elements from either end of that spectrum are present.

AwareComm’s eco-system of community focused and employee driven apps and content ensures the individual acceptance of and investment in “the new.”

Whole Brain AdI ePublishing for Deep Learning

AwareComm’s Whole Brain AdI™ ePublishing methodology transforms existing content/material into an interactive experience that results in the Deep Learning necessary for creating a team culture responsive to change. It creates emotional maturity as a way of resolving distrust and anger.

Implementation of the AwareComm® platform results in the production of Meaningful Analytics which lays a foundation for building Human Intelligence (HI) and Spiritual Intelligence (SI), a new dimension of data science.

Data collection using socially oriented Socratic questioning quantifies a sentience perspective of:

  • Topic – what is our focus/mission?
  • Priority – where does the topic fit within the big picture?
  • Intensity – what is the impact of the problem, and the potential benefit of the solution?

Knowledge of data sentience is knowing the HOW and the WHY of the data, not just the WHAT. It translates into effective communication resulting from elevated maturity levels in teammates and converts sociological assessments to Adaptive Intelligence (AdI). AdI strengthens the ability in all teammates to hear, understand and implement a new direction through use of:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) to define the problem(s)
  • Dynamic Relational Models (DRM) to define the intention
  • Purposeful Storytelling to define the solution
  • Maturity to implement the solution
  • Validation to certify success/approval

These elements are implemented in way that creates a world of socially responsible data scientists and allows the organization and/or team AdI to be assessed.

This process enables the re-development of existing training material into Key Concepts eMods that nurture the problem-solving methodology in individuals, who then transmit the value they found into existing collective processes.

More importantly, these eMods enable our platform to engage in AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI research which collects data using a proprietary process that ensures a new level of Data Neutrality for more meaningful analytics that improve reporting and decision making.

Success Leads to Confidence

Confidence isn’t a bad thing, and neither is success, but the potential danger associated with both is reduced vigilance for yet-to-be-discovered challenges. Additionally, if things are going well, the underlying problems that have existed may not gain the exposure or attention required for resolution.

It’s no stretch to assert that all organizations have their unique (and some not-so-unique) challenges, but often these challenges will be obscured from the view of leaders. Indeed, if they knew about these challenges, they would be doing something to correct them, but how do you correct the unknown?


AwareComm’s Culture Value-ation Indicator assessment uncovers the problems and problem-makers in a discrete manner, protecting the privacy of all involved. It reveals the sources of the Shadow Culture and/or unrelated issues and offers a library of proven learning aids to raise the Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™) of stakeholders.

Bringing awareness to existing problems and elevating the AdI of stakeholders allows for a collective focus on resolution fueled by individual creativity and personal ownership. Stakeholders become able to make a list of the things they are not aware of. At that point they begin to uncover the hidden problems and their complementary answers. When those two elements are within reach the next step is implementation of the answer as a solution.

Once readiness for change is established and the means by which to identify, take charge of and resolve shared challenges becomes a self-funding (for outside stakeholders), self-perpetuating and self-regulating process.

A Deliverable Solution

In the next section, discover how the AwareComm® Co-Lab™ research eco-system offers something for every organization stakeholder, from the CEO to the organization partners to the customer base.

  1. Organization Leadership: receives status measurement and progress indication of initiatives and direction, employee environment assessment and AdI evaluation of readiness for change
    • Receive customer insight of not just what, but why (sentience) – also deep involvement of the customer through the eMod App-On™ publishing and customer feedback from the E.A.R. Content Sentience Feedback SocraticQ™ (forms)
    • Receive marketplace sentience, not just sentiment and not just customer data, but the shifting sentience of the marketplace
    • Receive deep commitment from its vendors and strong communication  
    • Grander presence in the community as a Business Model that can be held in high esteem, just as the Magic of Disney’s business model once was
    • Receive employees pre-trained from the community nonprofits, lowering training costs and improving employee loyalty and higher entry-level quality
  2. Human Resources: evolves organization training content and adds it to the private branded Organization Pocket app
    • Whole Brain AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ content re-publishing as eMods with Dynamic Relational Models, Applied Knowledge Transfer, SocraticQ and Data Science
    • Select learning eMods for the E.A.R. to be accessed by associated employees, vendors, customers and community nonprofits
    • Profound insight measurements of AdI™ using the Culture Value-ation Indicator assessment and related Creating a Culture Responsive to Change eMod™courseware
  3. Employees: Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™) measurement – Culture Value-ation Indicator, measures adaptive intelligence
    • Employee Assistance Resource (E.A.R.) App (Private Branded AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI Interactive Empowerment Media): introducing the Creating a Culture Responsive to Change methodology (creating readiness for change) which prepares an environment for implementing change (aka: Employee Engaged Culture eMod courseware)
    • E.A.R. App includes a full section on developing followship in preparation for organization culture change
    • E.A.R. App includes a section for home: personal development and exploration as well as a foundation for addiction recovery – The 5 Dimensions of Recovery
    • Private branded Personal Pocket app is available for employees to access facilitated courses (train the trainer) for Creating a Culture Responsive to Change eModcourseware
  4. Organizations: provide the E.A.R. App (benefit from the HR training and the PWI provided content on adaptability (AdI™), professional skills, followship, personal awareness, recovery foundation and all the vendor content) to
    • vendors
    • employees
    • local businesses
    • local non-profits
    • employees’ outside affiliations (sport teams, churches, volunteer nonprofits)
  5. Nonprofits: expand community outreach, get E.A.R. for their programs, tap into organization partner content created through HR use of Creating a Culture Responsive to Change eMod
    Click to read eBook and learn more about
    Symbiotic Relationships -> Symbiotic
    • publish their own content
    • create their own desktop apps
    • train employees, empowering them to use the Culture Value-ation Indicator
  6. Vendors: Publish their messages and product related learning material in the E.A.R. App
    • Providing great exposure to employees, customers and their local community at large
    • Distributed to vendor employees, providing training for their staff relevant to their corporate partner to build product understanding, assist in their own socially responsible organization culture development, thereby creating a readiness for change in their organization (with follow-on publishing and desktop Pocket apps available)
    • Collecting data sentience from end user insight (not just what, but why) – attracting deep customer involvement from their experience of product utilization, then applied through eMod App-On publishing and customer feedback from the E.A.R. Content Sentience Feedback SocraticQ (forms)
  7. Customers: create App-Ons for the E.A.R. App
    • Telling the story of HOW they used the product (not just testimony)
    • Uncovering new uses and unique consumer perspectives


The Shadow Culture has infiltrated every level of business, government, school and community cultures and it must be addressed for any real and lasting change to take place.

Without the insight offered by an assessment process based in data neutrality, how could you possibly know how or when to make critical decisions that affect your positioning and timing?

Without knowing your organization and/or team’s Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™), to assess acceptance of “the new,” how could you hope to implement any critical positioning and timing directives?

If this approach makes sense and you can see the value in uncovering and correcting the Shadow Culture, as well as measuring and raising your organization’s AdI™, then you may be eligible to qualify for a pilot program within your organization. Each new partnering organization must begin with a pilot project for our mutual evaluation. The pilot project puts us together and provides an opportunity to measure compatibility.

AwareComm’s CEO, Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc) has often mentioned, “When I go to the horse races, I never bet on the horse, I bet on the jockey.” In other words, the person representing a potential partnering organization is where the evaluation begins. As such, a Due Diligence evaluation process is used.

All pilot projects begin with a Due Diligence evaluation meeting. In the course of a brief Due Diligence evaluation we collaboratively answer:

  • Can we work together?
  • Do our respective organization visions align?
  • Can AwareComm® be a source of insight for your organization?
  • Is your organization the socially responsible type that AwareComm® is looking to partner with?

AwareComm® is a solution looking for a problem. We invite you to apply for a Due Diligence meeting to be considered for an insightful introduction to the power of AI and BI driving HI and SI to identify the AdI™. Together, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

Click here to access a Due Diligence request form or complete the SocraticQ™ conversation below to take the next step.

Still not convinced that the Shadow Culture is alive and gaining strength in your organization, poised to deliver you and your initiatives into the trash bin? Click here to read about the destruction of a charismatic and successful leader in the pizza business. See what went wrong and how the AwareComm® solution could have prevented it.

eMod SocraticQ Conversation

Every Perspective Counts
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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • deceive the public
  • disrupt tradition
  • divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


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What is a Modern Hero?:


We invite Heroes and Visionaries
to explore accessing these powerful methodologies and resources
to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
Contribute Your Thoughts to Empower Our World
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