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To: Associates

Subject:  Taking Your Profession Back

Dear Associate,

It wasn’t but a few months ago that I celebrated my 80th birthday, and you are one of the principle reasons why I reached that milestone. I have, and continue to live, a full life as a CEO, the Captain of the Midnight Sun (a 68-foot ocean sailing vessel) and a grateful husband and father, all while enjoying the gift of a loyal and dedicated service companion (a hybrid wolf whose mother was in the San Diego Zoo).

As you know, I am the founder and CEO of Awareness Communication Technology, LLC (AwareComm®), a multi-gold rated Microsoft research and development partner.

Thirty years of AwareComm’s field research and development have been dedicated to a methodology and technology to explain: How people change (Adaptive Intelligence AdI), or don’t change (Social Manipulation and Adaptive Resistance (AdR)).

As a byproduct, and after much thought and consideration about our struggle to change, I have come to a disturbing conclusion about our culture:

  • We don’t have Heroes to follow any more
  • We don’t have Entrepreneurs to take the lead
  • We don’t see old problems and new Opportunities
  • We see problems as Challenges we cannot overcome

We have become a people riddled with:

  • Dishonesty – Half-truths
  • Selfishness – What’s in it for ME
  • Hidden Intentions – Secrecy and Defensiveness
  • Distrust and Fear – Being Discovered and Exposed

I have reached an important milestone of social implementation (Business Opportunity) and have recently configured the AwareComm® AdI Platform to meet the requirements of the Pope’s call for a ‘Good Algorithm.’

Expanding the Global Tele-Culture

Data Science
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Data Science and

I led a group of top data scientists in the reconfiguration of our platform to create a unique combination of AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI to meet the needs of industry, nonprofits and governments. Then when the Pope called for a ‘Good Algorithm’ we were ready, willing and able to deliver.

By raising community Adaptive Intelligence (AdI) we will raise ethics, stimulate commerce, guide business judgement, nurture community solidarity and integrate spirituality all as practical elements of everyday life.

I’m currently implementing a global outreach campaign in partnership with the Catholic Church, beginning with a pilot in Uganda, that offers opportunities to transcend a culture from totalitarianism to capitalism.

By transcending spiritual principles into practical spirituality, we are able to reinstate a foundation of solidarity that has been the dream and promise of leaders throughout the history of civilization.

Reconstruction   –   Rehabilitation   –   Reconciliation

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Reversing Social Spiritual Cultural Manipulation

A couple of years ago I met a Catholic Priest, Father Santo Ojok, whose position was in the Archdiocese of Gulu, Uganda preparing reports for the Pope.  As I listened to his story, the gravity of the situation in Uganda become apparent… we began documenting our research.

Uganda has a divided commerce of poor/rich with no real plan for the people. The youth are disgruntled and entitled. The elders are desperate. Violence is again becoming the new expression. The millennials, who possess no emotional or entrepreneurial skill, are taking over leadership positions.

It tugs at the heart strings to see a country rich in culture, legacy and history torn apart by war and tribal conflicts… and yet there is a Priest with no money and no Parish, but a dream and desire to change it.  

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A Dream Awakened

So, I put up the seed money to establish a Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab), which is the consulting component of the AwareComm® AdI Platform, and began working with Father Santo to understand how to make his dream a reality and create a documented strategy.

After 18 years at the Archdiocese, he was recently appointed to The Queen Assumed into Heaven Parish of Awach, Uganda to do more than to just be a Parish Priest. His responsibilities expanded with a Co-Lab to evolve an unstructured rural community, into a town, into a township, into a commerce-based community for Uganda (a bigger mouth with more teeth).

As a Parish Priest, he is now responsible for one of the most war-torn areas, with no electricity, no running water, 35,000+ people under his immediate oversight (and 1.2 million more in outlying areas)… and just forget about healthcare.

The Christian Co-Lab Mission for Uganda: The pilot mission is to rebuild the spiritual, social and economic foundation of the community by establishing the Parish as a pillar of the community and as a guiding light for the development of people and commerce.

Solving this problem successfully could serve as a model for the world,
for this challenge in Uganda is common and no one appears to have found a solution.

In countries like the US, we may be too invested in fighting each other to even consider a plan that would transcend us to solidarity. Having the environment and people willing to develop and implement such a plan is truly a gift from God. The architecture of this plan allows us to prove the application of Socially Responsible Capitalism, building commerce, and reinstating spiritual principles as part of the process. All we can do for our global survival is to support and learn as quickly as possible.

A Dream Awakened

The Christian Co-Lab AdI Process empowered us to develop more effective content:

  • Overcome the communication challenges of language and distance
  • Establish a schedule and a discipline to maintain the project momentum
  • Collaborate using the AdI Communication Architecture:
    • ProblemAny problem well defined is already half solved – problems are not just obstacles, but awareness of insights that hold great life lessons when they are uncovered, discovered and examined for their wisdom
    • Answers – Possibilities
      • We documented our thoughts – ideas and concepts
      • We expanded the thoughts with a structured thinking process using Socratic Conversation
    • Solution – Selecting the best answer, identifying the new obstacles and implementing AdI
      • Addressing the #1 Obstacle: Adaptive Resistance (AdR), by
      • Implementing the #1 Solution: Adaptive Intelligence (AdI)
    • Invite and Build a Team – implement and expand the solution

The Christian Co-Lab AdI Process utilizes a more effective delivery system than traditional publishing. The Co-Lab goes beyond traditional digital content delivery, video conferencing and survey questionnaires… all of which dehumanize the process of communication and learning.

Without the human dimension of Passion, Purpose, Skill and Wisdom,
learning ONLY delivers insight void of critical considerations, such as ethics (not can I, but should I).

The Co-Lab solution for Uganda has many dimensions that can be augmented with state-of-the-art remote Microsoft Teams technology and AwareComm® eMod App Plugins with:

  • COVID-19 Fear Residue/Social Conditioning (Commerce/Cultural) – Instill Adaptive Intelligence (AdI)
  • Career Education with Followship-Leadership Entrepreneurial Skills – Get ‘r done with Pre-Employment
  • Education – Recognize Adaptive Resistance (AdR) and implement Adaptive Intelligence (AdI)
  • Addiction Recovery – All 5 Dimensions of Recovery
  • Healthcare – Patient Centered Team
  • Finance – Developing long-term assets without debt
  • Legal – Philosophy of protection, not just restriction
  • Travel/Recreation – Understanding culture of people, not just their assets
  • Legacy – Discovering the wisdom of the past before changing
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Patient-Centered Healthcare
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Mind of the Patient
Mind of the Doctor

The professions in the above-mentioned areas are dying.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed commerce and the culture forever.  If we do not take charge of this disruption, our lives will be in the hands of the few who hold power and wealth and our destiny will surely not be in the best interest of humanity.

Co-Labs create an environment conducive to learning, solidarity and change (old ideas are more quickly learned and new ideas are more quickly accepted and implemented). A Co-Lab is the implementation mechanism of the result of 30+ years of field research. Through that period, I experienced the Co-Lab philosophy to be the most effective way to create a sustainable change in individuals and teams.

How Does the Co-Lab Reach the People?

AwareComm® installs the [FREE] Identifying AdR App (a principle research tool of the Co-Lab) into the corporate Microsoft Teams platform. Teams is in use by 80% of Fortune 500 Companies as the largest managed marketplace in the world (with over 430,000 licensed partners).

Once installed (2 seconds), this Teams AdR App begins with the basic questions that all teams have for their members: Do you really know who your teammates are? Why do they resist your ideas? How do I begin to learn about overcoming AdR with the new AdI technology?

The Teams AdR App supports a way of organizing and “bullet-proofing” the presentation of a new idea, so as to prevent it from being shot down and sabotaged before it even emerges. It provides presenters with a built-in support system, trained in advanced AdI methodology.

The Teams AdR App introduces the eModular Adaptive Resource (E.A.R.) which is a global outreach to the seven major industries that affect commerce.

The E.A.R. includes a new dimension of Healthcare Apps using AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI.

Why do we need another app for healthcare?

I want to save the patients from the healthcare systemwhich is the third leading cause of death for Americans. It is comprised of older people that just don't care and younger people that just don't know.

Today’s medical profession faces a set of mighty challenges:

  • Patient communication fails, “I do not understand why, therefore I will not comply.”
  • Patients will not act in compliance with prescribed medical directions
  • Patients are not students (they are people with learning challenges)
  • 80% of patients will not change, even if their life depends on it
  • Healthcare professionals are not skilled educators

The healthcare field is a profession of healers, not teachers. For many healthcare professionals, the skill of educating others was not part of their education. For these individuals, teaching is typically comprised of 2 things: a lecture and an argument – and the patient learns nothing.

Click to read more from: Inside the Mind of Doctor-Patient

In order for prescribed medical directions to be understood they have to make sense to the patient. The patient must be able to accept what is being said and believe they can apply what they are learning.

Imagine the possibilities of communicating in a way that overcomes the patient’s fears and empowers them to raise their AdI and take charge (shared responsibility) for their health and wellness.

Healthcare Professionals can tap into this communication resource by publishing their material using a proven learning methodology and AdI technology, available in the membership E.A.R.  

Healthcare Professionals can introduce new ideas and concepts (thoughts) and let the system, supported by SOS, guide patients through a thinking process to examine the total possibilities of the new idea/thought being introduced.

Healthcare Professionals are protected from the traditional challenges of patient denial, excuses and arguments. The SOS function fully supports the intention of the healthcare professional and ensures the patient will initiate and continue lines of co-responsibility as evidenced by the sentience research built into the AdI learning apps.

Click to read more from: Patient-Centered Healthcare

The E.A.R. expertly takes up the burden of delivering published content and ideas to be learned by the patient (of varying learning abilities), so the healers can focus on directing the healing.

The E.A.R. introduces the concept that has to be communicated (the idea)... and leads the patients down a path to courseware that will let them fully understand and apply the principles presented by the practitioner.

The E.A.R. becomes a communication system between the doctor and the patient. It ensures that the doctor’s orders are fully understood and applied so that the data collected, between the diagnosis, the prescribed treatment and the results, maintains an unskewed professional quality.

We don’t just have an information system, but a true learning system
that will assist the patients in learning, understanding and applying by developing AdI.

The E.A.R. then introduces and engages the audience with a family of powerful Whole Brain Learning Apps that are field proven and managed from a private and confidential Personal Pocket App with built-in Solution Oriented Support.

The audience publishes their own story about the content as eMod App-ons.

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Everybody Has a Story to Tell...

The final result (reward) FOR ALL STAKEHOLDERS is Sentience Research,
administered through responsible SOS Agents.

A Practical Business Strategy

How do we apply the Co-Lab Platform to Uganda?

Co-Labs enable us to develop teams of community members to focus on all aspects of their community problems and to implement (teach + build) a commerce-based social economic solution that develops individual entrepreneurial skills and raises AdI while blending AI, BI, HI and SI.  

Commerce creates jobs, jobs attract more people and their attention/focus is then directed from anger (adversity) to skill development. Rather than fighting, people become competitive. Co-Labs guide people to become stewards of their communities through commerce development programs, delivered with Microsoft teams, consisting of practical AdI learning and mentoring programs.

This will be focused initially on agricultural business development using:

  • Educational Classes
  • Mentoring Support
  • UAS Technology

The strategy of beginning with adversity (people trying to control) and directly refocusing on commerce (the exchange of ideas, goods and services) allows the attention to shift to new goals. Community goals are achieved based upon individual contributions therefore overcoming and neutralizing traditional entitlement. You have to give in order to get.

This strategy overcomes deep and ingrained entitlement, often found when we begin empowering the previously dependent communities. The empowerment process becomes the natural and logical path of commerce fulfillment to regain economic strength for the individual as well as in the community. This develops normal and healthy individual self-esteem while building a strong collective community.

The result is diversity based on principles of solidarity. Teammates take care of each other to achieve personal fulfillment.

Carefully chosen community members (Strategic Co-Lab Partners) strengthen their community through commerce.

The elements of commerce that are built-in to this process are the natural solution to adversity. We know this strategy works because we have already built and tested the E.A.R., a new media, to create trust rooted in evidence-based truth.

AwareComm's E.A.R. app acts as a guide for the commerce development process, ensuring that socially responsible capitalism is the result. This process integrates the key issues for the fulfillment of human needs.

The Commerce Model works if You Have Developed
A Collective Entrepreneurial Mindset

Commerce works best
when everyone

This requires unity,
a common vision and
a shared purpose.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset is created naturally
as part of the problem-solving process in
The Microsoft Teams App with AdR / AdI Tools.

The same people who will be strengthening their communities through commerce will themselves need to be strengthened and supported by responsible healthcare in order to fulfill their commitments to community prosperity.

Healthcare business development is our parallel focus, which includes establishing local infrastructure (education, advisory services (SOS) and network resources).

Our First Uganda Parish Clinic with Remote Support

Healthcare is one portion of the Christian Co-Lab in Uganda that would be of particular interest to you. As partners, we will establish and operate a Uganda Parish Healthcare Center rooted in the spiritual principles consistent with the Co-Lab Training of the priests and lay faithful.  The Co-Lab extends to the Healthcare Center and offers families computer based AdI Education to address domestic violence, addiction, medical compliance (to name a few) and to promote solidarity.

This new form of practice management (by physicians) empowers doctors to engage in technology while maintaining the integrity of their Hippocratic Oath.  
This serves as a foundation for strengthening spiritual direction in order to build a healthy and prosperous community.

Participating Doctors Rise Above Our Medical Success
To Lift Our Spiritual Foundation For Tomorrow

Churches today are under attack by COVID-19 and
now battle between each other over social and political issues. 
As a result, we are making Christianity part of the global solution and
placing churches into a leadership position.

Transforming a Church Problem into A Christian Solution for the World with the ‘Good Algorithm’ AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI

I invite Christian Churches (both Catholic and Non-Catholic) to partner with me to support and expand this field-proven model.  To do so we begin with making this first Christian Co-Lab in Uganda a practical solution and a model for others to follow.  

To implement this as part of the global movement in the most economical way, we are offering Christian Churches the opportunity to become Sister Parishes/Churches to the Awach Parish in Uganda. This will allow the sharing of grants and philanthropy among Christians, who will learn together and optimize the movement on a global level as quickly as possible. 

Let’s Have a Digital Lunch
Click for a Tour Aboard the Midnight Sun
(The Home of AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI)

I believe that this is perhaps one of the most important projects of today. It will demonstrate to the world that change can happen… and it can happen for those engaged in making it happen, while their example teaches others how to make it a reality for their own communities.   

A Call for Insight

AwareComm® has donated nearly 1 million dollars in consulting and publishing and plans to donate another 1 million dollars in software  as a first step in demonstrating socially responsible capitalism. 

My intentions are to call upon your guidance for this incredible opportunity to transcend healthcare to a new level of capability, tranquility and ethics. In doing so, you can take a position (without spending a lot of time) to return healthcare to its native foundation of true solidarity for humanity.

As a final note… these ideas are not new (i.e., Dr Francis Collins's 2020 Templeton Prize Address). What is new… is that we have a proven solution. All we need right now are the right people.

Let’s connect. You can call or email Della to arrange a good time that works for both of us to meet for lunch or meet online and explore this most important endeavor… “for such a time as this.”


Capt. Richard… and My Mentors

Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc) – CEO, AwareComm®

Social Entrepreneur Developing Responsible Social Enterprises

Awareness Communication Technology, LLC                                                  
Email:     |     Direct Line: 619-425-2685
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eMod SocraticQ Conversation

Every Perspective Counts
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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • deceive the public
  • disrupt tradition
  • divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


Distraction Junction


What is a Modern Hero?:


We invite Heroes and Visionaries
to explore accessing these powerful methodologies and resources
to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
Contribute Your Thoughts to Empower Our World
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