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Apple’s Complete User Surveillance Package

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Opening Insights: Goodbye Privacy

America will not be destroyed from the outside.
If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

The following article was published by The Blaze, “one of the nation's largest independent media companies.” It was written by Sarah Taylor, staff writer for

Informational Insights: Bait and Switch

U.S. tech giant Apple plans to roll out a remote update that will scan Americans' iPhones for child sexual abuse images, Insider reported.

If found, Insider's Heather Schlitz wrote citing a Thursday report from Financial Times, "Human reviewers would then alert law enforcement if they think the images are illegal."

What are the details?

The Steve Jobs-co-founded technology company plans to roll out software later this year in order to detect child pornography images in an effort to tamp down child sex abuse.

"The software, reportedly called neuralMatch, is designed to look through images that have been stored on iPhones and uploaded to iCloud storage," Schlitz wrote. "According to the Financial Times, if the software detects child sexual abuse in a photo, it will then pass the material on to human reviewers who will alert law enforcement if they think the images are illegal."

Schlitz added, "Researchers told the Financial Times that Apple's decision could pressure other companies into implementing similar kinds of monitoring and could later expand into monitoring of images beyond child sexual abuse, like anti-government signs held at protests."

The Associated Press reported Thursday that the software will reportedly flag the potential match, prompting Apple to disable the user's account. The content — and user — will then reportedly be turned over to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

"Separately," the AP report continued, "Apple plans to scan users' encrypted messages for sexually explicit content as a child safety measure, which also alarmed privacy advocates."

The AP reported that Apple said the latest changes "will roll out this year as part of updates to its operating software for iPhones, Macs, and Apple Watches."

What else?

Security experts, however, have warned that such move could "open the floodgates to extensive surveillance."

Matthew Green, cryptographer at Johns Hopkins University, said that the technology could be abused.

"Regardless of what Apple's long term plans are, they've sent a very clear signal. In their (very influential) opinion, it is safe to build systems that scan users' phones for prohibited content," Green said, according to the BBC. "Whether they turn out to be right or wrong on that point hardly matters. This will break the dam — governments will demand it from everyone."

According to the Associated Press, Green added, "What happens when the Chinese government says, 'Here is a list of files that we want you to scan for.' Does Apple say no? I hope they say no, but their technology won't say no."

In a statement, online civil liberties rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation said that what they referred to as Apple's apparent pivot on privacy protections is a "shocking about-face for users who have relied on the company's leadership in privacy and security."

John Clark, president and CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, told the news organization that the company's plan is a "game changer" in protecting children.

"With so many people using Apple products, these new safety measures have a lifesaving potential for children," Clark added.

This article was published on August 6, 2021 by THE BLAZE: Apple will remotely install software to scan all US phones for child sex abuse images

Possibilities for Consideration: A Power Too Great

To stand against the immense power behind the technology, internet and financial organizations in charge of our government and education institutions we must get smarter and do it together.

AwareComm® offers a platform that provides the resources and the guidance to meet this challenge.

It’s not just that we need a solution, in this new environment nobody will trust, everybody is angry, nobody listens, commerce stops, efficiency diminishes, nobody cares.

Our culture consists of perception, attitude, thinking and behavior and we have created a culture now rooted in distrust, fear and anger.

The following models illustrate the psychology of fear and control being used to force America to its knees.

Once people are conditioned emotionally to accept fear as a foundation perception, they become willing candidates to accept the principles of control. Thus, they become slaves to the authority, that being government, propaganda or social media influence.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fear-Thinking-Model-1024x640.png

The Fear and Control models will permeate all dimensions of our lives and must be reversed if our communities and our country are to survive.

Whatever we do, however we do it, this becomes the basis for how we will build relationships at home, work, worship and play.

The Real Solution: Founded in Spiritual Principles

A real solution, fully developed (tested, proven and paid for), is found in AwareComm's proprietary Adaptive Intelligence (AdI™) Algorithm.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AI–BI–HI–SI_AdI-e1598220376822.png

The AdI™ Algorithm aligns with the intent of Pope Francis's call for a 'Good Algorithm,' to reverse the damage done by the irresponsible use of technology.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Not-Concepts-It-Really-Worked-1024x576.png

Rebuilding Community Commerce - - Rebuilding the Soul of a Community

AwareComm's AdI™ Algorithm is available in a community Collaboration Laboratory (Co-Lab™) Research and ePublishing Institute, where people learn to take charge of their communities by transcending adversity to diversity and solidarity through the application of responsible commerce. Success is assured by applying the principles of Adaptive Intelligence to entrepreneurial thinking using socially responsible capitalism.

What comes from an established foundation of commerce rooted in spiritual principles and AdI™ is a new business model. This business model, for the application of Socially Responsible Capitalism, is our theme and driving inspiration.

A Co-Lab™ is the implementation mechanism of the result of 30+ years of field research.

Co-Labs™ create an environment conducive to learning, solidarity and change (old ideas are more quickly learned and new ideas are more quickly accepted and implemented).

Our Next Step

The AwareComm® Team is attracting partners in order to awaken in the people a desire for peace and solidarity as a way to fulfill their personal needs.

Through a careful blend of AI + BI + HI + SI the Co-Lab™ Research Institute has the correct balance of technology, methodology, human understanding, spiritual principles and data science to put us on the right track to individual social and cultural empowerment.

Due Diligence classes offer a deeper dive into the Co-Lab™ Research and ePublishing Institute to determine if this philosophy is effective for your community. You will learn:

  • The logical power of the AI + BI + HI + SI = AdI™ Algorithm for communication and learning
  • The communication power of Co-Lab™ Research and ePublishing Institute to provide secure:
    • self-funding
    • self-perpetuating
    • self-regulating networks
  • The commerce power of Socially Responsible Capitalism, blending nonprofit and commercial applications
  • The application of Social Partnerships, bringing ethical business principles to overcome social challenges
  • The joy, satisfaction and pride of taking a role in returning our world to a state of freedom and opportunity - being proud to be a patriot
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Building-Interdependent-Communities-1024x576.png

Through the use of the Co-Lab™ resources, a dream awakened...

A Dream Awakened

Click to read
A Dream Awakened

New life is being breathed into one Ugandan priest's dream for his countrymen. He has chosen to follow the Co-Lab™ principles and partner with Dr. Richard Jorgensen (as his shepherd) and as a result his Parish is thriving.

Read A Dream Awakened to see the Co-Lab™ technology, methodology, human understanding, and data science in action as it rebuilds commerce in Awach, Uganda.

Get it Straight From the Horse's Mouth
How we did what said we were going to do...

Reflection of The Uganda Co-Lab™ - Thursday, August 5, 2021

Fr. Santo reflects on the contributions of Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc), and the organization he leads (AwareComm®), to his dream of a thriving, community-serving Parish in Awach, Uganda.

Inviting Potential Partners

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Modern Day Heroes

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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • deceive the public
  • disrupt tradition
  • divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


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What is a Modern Hero?:


We invite Heroes and Visionaries
to explore accessing these powerful methodologies and resources
to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
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