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Black And White People

Opening Insights – Cultural Sanctuaries

Organization Co-Labs are protected parallel cultural sanctuaries for research.

It is critical that the Co-Lab remain external to the organization it partners with. When placed externally, outside the traditional organization structure, the influencing culture of the organization is no longer a factor. Therefore, the Co-Lab doesn’t become infected by the politics and internal drama.

In today’s multi-generational and multi-religi-gender-racio-sexua-politically adverse workforce, many employees react with resistance to authority, responsibility and accountability. It seems they only respond well to peer pressure. The FEELING of being better-than (bully) or less-than (victim) directs their ACTIONS.

Informational Insights – Unseen Offenders

These individuals thrive on competition with others and rarely seek to surpass themselves (they don’t want to become better versions of themselves). Watch the Kill the Leader and Passive Aggressive Behavior videos to learn more.

In this environment, any spark of equality is immediately snuffed out, destroying all possibilities of different-but-equal. This results in a lawless peer-driven world (mob-rule) were the bullies have the most say and honesty is shunned. However, the nice thing about bullies is, they are easy to spot because their behavior is obvious, so they can be dealt with directly.

Bullies are a pain, but the real org-killer is the internal resistance that cannot be seen nor heard. This invisible resistance causes that unpleasant sense of uncertainty, when you know something isn’t quite right, but you can neither put your finger on it nor put your hands on it. It’s the stuff you can’t put in the human resource file because there is no description. It’s like trying to capture smoke with your hands. It’s the un-said “no.” It’s delay after delay because something must be done first before something can be done. It’s the implied blame and the list goes on… When a project plagued by this resistance is complete, either because it miraculously made it or the organization just gave up, all that remains is a faint scent and a hazy memory of a problem. Did I imagine it? Am I crazy?

These hidden employees DO NOT want real solutions brought into their organization because they would then be exposed for who they really are and how they fit into, and perpetuate, their caustic culture.

When an organization culture is built on, or striving for, trust-based equality and founded in THE TRUTH, those with any intent contrary to that approach are exposed as saboteurs. When what is right is accentuated, then what is wrong is highlighted. No problem left behind. Found in the Co-Lab library, non-confronting, non-judging, private and confidential courseware is provided to all stakeholders to overcome these personal challenges without exposure or embarrassment. Additional resources are found in the Employee Assistance Resource (E.A.R.).

The jigs up!

When it comes to interacting with any authority, today’s younger generations:

  • Do not hear
  • Cannot hear
  • Will not hear
  • Do not want to hear

That is why the only way to communicate to them is through electronic assistance, called an E.A.R., that allows for peer to peer communication with a facilitator/monitor and references research information to give them direction. The E.A.R. is what introduces and refers people to your Topic of Interest.

Using advanced technology, learning methodology, human understanding and data science, the Co-Lab architecture incorporates and evolves any Topic of Interest content into the PWI learning system while also embedding a proprietary process that introduces THE TRUTH for:

  • Recognizing problems – not just the symptoms, identifying the root cause
  • Developing complementary all-encompassing answers
  • Implementing the answers as solutions, thereby attracting support from all stakeholders

This is how Co-Labs make the intangible, tangible
and make the invisible, visible so the real problem can be documented and

Un-skewed perceptions, un-skewed thinking, un-skewed creative solutions, un-skewed communication and un-skewed accountability are the foundation on which collaboration within any organization is built, measured and re-envisioned. Co-Labs identify the issues that are eroding the culture within your company.

The technology, thinking/learning methodology, human understanding and data science at the core of the Co-Lab process are integrated into the content of all Topics of Interest eMods and can be seamlessly woven into any other proprietary content. Simple and easy-to-use training is available for the intuitive process of integrating this learning methodology into your content. Take a look inside the
PWI Content Integration Guide to learn more.

The term payload is used to describe something carried on-board a vehicle, usually an aircraft, that is for a specific purpose. The vehicle, once having taken on a payload, is now characterized by the purpose of its payload. As soon as the payload is delivered, the purpose may change.

For example, the Enola Gay, a B-29 Superfortress bomber airplane, was created for the purpose of delivering bombs. During World War II it was chosen to deliver the fission bomb largely attributed to ending Japan’s involvement in the war. Its payload characterized its purpose and importance.

When that specific aircraft with that specific payload was in-flight it was the single most important aircraft in the world. After the payload was delivered it then reverted to normal bomber status. It was a solution looking for a problem. In fact, not too many years after the war it was “mothballed” for long-term storage at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona to become a forgotten relic of the war.

Using the Principles that Changed the World
with Your Topic of Interest

As you read through the Content Integration Guide notice how each Topic of Interest serves as a vehicle for the real payload here, the technology, thinking/learning methodology, data science and human understanding of the AwareComm® ecosystem for the purpose of building a culture of solidarity.

Benefits of Co-Lab Publishing:

  • Expands the market application of any Topics of Interest and proprietary content
  • Creates a trained support system for the content creator to increase their effectiveness
  • Evolves a community for expansion
  • Creates a life of its own for the content with SOS careers and content App-Ons
  • Provides on-demand human intelligence

Once the development team completes content integration, they can escalate it to a higher level of competency, which is the application of the knowledge they packaged. In the process of learning how to apply what was created, they learn how to teach others and can begin taking on the roles of Solutions Oriented Support (SOS). SOS Buddies are the facilitators of the Co-Lab process.

In the process of developing the content and, through collaboration, learning how to employ the Co-Lab principles and process, a team of SOS Buddy agents is created. The SOS Buddies become part of the problem, answer and solution process. Because they are developers of the answer, they become part of the implementation of the solution.

As confidence in the student’s ability to articulate their insight grows, they will be encouraged to translate their insight into an App-On and make a group presentation to share the wisdom they found.  In doing so they experience themselves being a FACILITATOR (teaching what they need to learn). This natural process causes them to begin a new career in facilitating life challenges while they “Do what they love so they can love what they do”.

Content re-creators and their students then become its supporting network, working in parallel to build a complete organization. This creates a self-funding, self-perpetuating, self-regulating community based on your Topic of Interest content.

Most published content has a “Long Tail” that illustrates the growth of reader interest and application of the topic content. eMod App-Ons™ turn that model upside-down for continuous content and learner growth and development.

Content developed under PWI Publishing results in courseware that draws students back to the courseware again and again.  This is because the methodology and the e-packaging of the content (eMods) includes the continuing wisdom and guidance of Socrates. Each time a student returns they are better equipped for content absorption.

  • Each section of the course includes a conversation with Socrates that reviews the content of the course material and interactive conversations with Socrates that allows the student to express what they learned and how they intend to apply the insight gained
  • Socrates then responds with feedback as to how the student has done in comparison to their peers

This is the same principle as knowing how many likes you got from a social media posting.  Then, when confidence is achieved, students will engage in a study/discussion group built into the courseware eMod.

Solutions Oriented Support

A Solutions Oriented Support (SOS) subsystem of the Co-Lab™ offers multi-level user-engagement that provides a comprehensive, personally oriented support system AND establishes career pathways for content creators and the students of their content.

The SOS team evolves from facilitators into App-Oncreators, then consultants and finally, the conveyors of new ideas and the teachers of the methodology.

  1. SOS Navigator Buddy – “I need an App Guide.”
    • Directs content users to the appropriate point of origin – know where you began, so you can discover where to go next
  2. SOS Advisor Buddy – “I need advice on a direction.”
    • Directs content users to the next steps in their process
  3. SOS Technical Buddy – “I need IT support and guidance.”
    • Guide content users and content creators through the ins and outs of the Co-Lab™ publishing ecosystem
  4. SOS Coaching Buddy (fee-based) – “I need suggestions on my next actions.”
    • For those really tough questions that you just can’t answer
    • when you’re out of touch with a focused objective
  5. SOS Consultant Buddy (fee-based) – “I need a partner for contribution and to expand my ideas.”
    • When you need access to a wealth of knowledge from a legacy of been there, done that
    • Compose content App-Ons to expand on original content and provide new insights and perspective
    • After reaching the Consultant Buddy level you are doing what you love, so you can love what you do – that’s how the AwareComm® founder built his organization

In addition to SOS, instant access to a comprehensive training program and a human intelligence (HI) bot are available with a click of a button to examine and measure your emotional intelligence using the PWI HI Algorithm™ Index. While developing content or collaborating with a reader, SOS Agents can elect to engage Cortana (artificial intelligence – AI) to participate in developing both material and communication with readers, in addition to the Socratic Conversation.

The PWI Socratic Conversation (SocraticQ™) process goes beyond just sound principles and advice. It has been expanded into the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Using Cortana, we can talk to Socrates and personally and privately re-examine our thoughts (expressed as written words) to explore the huge imbalance between what we:

  • Think
  • Hear
  • See
  • Say

As we know, words are powerful.

The SocraticQ™ offers the ability to carefully re-examine the thinking behind our words and re-arrange our words to match our priorities. By using the computer AI that is packaged into Microsoft’s Cortana, we can begin a process of taking human responsibility for our thinking, which controls our hearing and seeing. 

Through this process, we begin experiencing the multi-dimensions of communication that represent who we really are. We also gain insight into how others experience us (what we give is what we get).

We can quickly learn how our thinking (automatic learned thinking) distorts and skews our picture of reality to conform to our beliefs of how we think the world is – rather than experience how the world really is (reality). It explains why we are always one bubble off-center and 5 degrees off-course thereby always missing the mark.

By examining your speaking (your words in-writing), you can re-examine:

  • What you see and don’t see
  • What you hear and don’t hear

Additionally, ask yourself, “What am I thinking, and not thinking?” to identify what I only see and hear based on what I said. This allows us to correct the distortion by using a new set of glasses found in the E.A.R. (Employee Assistance Resource).

Creating a Scalable Culture Responsive to Change

Significant and Measurable resistance is often created when there is extensive organizational change. The core Co-Lab® program halts the resistance to change and re-establish trust-based cultures. The self-directed / mentored program is proven to retain people (overcome their resistance to change) and maintain the value of the existing training invested in them. This approach was proven in:

  • Boeing,
  • Solar Turbines, and
  • Toyota… to name a few.

Effectively provide non-judging, non-confronting help for people with personal challenges.

  • FAA
  • HUD

The principles defined in the Culture Responsive to Change program are exported into Topics of Interest courses. Topics of Interest become the illustrating program for delivering principles and act as an organization add-on to bring about cultural change. Thus, Topics of Interest naturally transition organizations to embed mature thinking, acceptance of change and develop a culture that’s always ready and willing to embrace the new.

Thus, Topics of Interest become an integral part of the organization’s cultural redevelopment program for change and allows their training programs to ride the shirttails of a vision being introduced by more powerful organizations, like AwareComm® and Microsoft.

Topics of Interest become automatic reinforcement to implement level-5 leadership/followship into companies planning for, or implementing, a transition to the cloud – cloud computing

  • 95% of all Fortune 500 companies use Azure services (the Microsoft cloud)

In most cases, when companies migrate to the cloud:

  • 50% of the technical staff must be replaced, from the resistance to change (going from watching blinking lights to becoming consultants)
  • 100% of the sales force is cycled out, from resistance to switching from selling their own data center to selling Azure data

Note: We are not integrating foreign concepts, we are integrating principles that are an integral part of organization’s cultures that are transitioning to the cloud – where it’s safe from hardware failure and hacking.

The Opportunities for Topics of Interest

We are letting select partners use these principles to make their Topic of Interest part of their organization. Topic of Interest principle integration is the intervening factor, stopping the Illusion – Arrogance – Entitlement in its tracks and connecting legacy wisdom to implementable action.

Co-Labs create an environment where unseen challenges unfold – then together we recognize hidden agendas and victim attitudes and address the behavior that destroys organizations from the inside-out. Join our mission to reshape cultures of fear into cultures of trust.

Possibilities for Consideration – Examine Your Speaking/Thinking

By examining your speaking (your words in-writing), you can re-examine:

  • What you see and don’t see
  • What you hear and don’t hear

Additionally, ask yourself, “What am I thinking, and not thinking?” to identify what I only see and hear based on what I said. This allows us to correct the distortion by using a new set of glasses found in the E.A.R.

  • What if you could be a part of cultural transformation?
  • What if you could be a part of empowering your organization, community and country?
  • What if you could be a part of the social, economic and cultural growth and empowerment of your world?
  • What if you could do something to reverse the addiction problems within businesses, communities and schools?
  • What if you could create value for your people, employees, families, organizations, communities and country?
  • What if you could share your wisdom, insight, knowledge and experience to help educate others?
  • What if you could be a part of a solution to unite and support people in developing collective and individual sentience?

Add Your Insight

If you spend your life sparing people’s feelings and feeding their vanity,
you get so you can’t distinguish what should be respected in them.

eMod SocraticQ Conversation

Every Perspective Counts
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FOOTNOTE of Importance

Our world is experiencing an incredible revolution powered by technology that has used its tools to:

  • deceive the public
  • disrupt tradition
  • divide the people

This has inadvertently resulted in a Fear-based Shadow Culture™ that has hurt many people.
A powerful group of influence has joined together to deliver a proven antidote by shifting from impersonal development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace people to utilize AI to empower Human Intelligence (HI).


To Empower The People:


Distraction Junction


What is a Modern Hero?:


We invite Heroes and Visionaries
to explore accessing these powerful methodologies and resources
to achieve their individual visions.

Every Perspective Counts
Contribute Your Thoughts to Empower Our World
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